Whilst strolling through the pages of AvatarsPortal, I saw a post about a new site chronicling events that are taking place inside the game. There’s plenty of ways to find about the game and it’s features, but the New Britannia Press invites you to take part in player quests and explorations.

Are you looking to explore Novia? Want to get in a dungeon run? Want to see what some of the player owned towns are up to? Well, look no further. Hook up with intrepid adventurers like royalsexy, Dara Brae, Winfield and many others and let them show you around the different towns and get with a group to traverse the more dangerous and lesser known places.

Since I’m all about exploration this looks like a great place to hang out. I’ll be checking back in to see if I can jump into one of their guided tours. Looks like loads of fun!

New Britannia Press

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