Going off my checklist I ventured out for another look at Wynton’s Folly. My last time through was at full speed to find the Tour Guide and then move on to something else. This time I took the time to have a look around. Alas, there isn’t much to see in this Spartan desert area.

As mentioned before, if you head toward the statue cut into the rock and veer to the left and follow the lampposts, you’ll end up at the Tour Guide. In the name of discovery I wandered off this path and found nothing but dirt, dust, wind and skeletons. Lots of skeletons. You can’t go more than a couple feet without stepping over their creaky bones. And as soon as you get rid of a horde another one springs up. I thought I was doing really well to make the area safe only to realize these dirty ratfinkovitches just won’t die!

Ok, well, they do die, but then they just come right back!

I kept following the path until I got to the ruins of the old city. I’m not sure if the skeletons are afraid or vision impaired, but when I went into the crumbled buildings, none of them followed me. This was quite lovely since I was low on Focus from smashing them all in the head. I had a nice leisurely bowl of mutton and then went back to break bones.

I found a couple of Iron deposits and some Copper while I was out there and decided to look inside some of the other tattered houses. Their interior design is terrible! No wonder they didn’t survive, none of the windows open!

Strangely, I made it to the top of one of the houses and climbed up the precarious ladder than had been left behind. It gave a very nice view of the area. You can see the skeletons for miles around!

It looks like perhaps these people might have made their homes in the rocks, as there are lots of places that look like caves. Alas, I couldn’t see a way in, so I decided to take my leave with my stash of swords and my looted gold and move on to the next area.

And by the way, whoever said Corpse Wax tastes like candy is a damn liar!!

I was going to check out Righ Inis, but oddly, I seemed to have misplaced it. Have no fear, I shall consult the parchments and make my way over there in due course.

As a side note, after making my way back to Braemar, I saw a shocking site. Yet another citizen face down in the gutter right outside Flynn’s pub. I wasn’t there to see the drama unfold, but I can only assume he was drunk on ale, was told to leave and collapsed in the street like the dirty vagabond that he is. This sort of thing seems to happen a lot. And wouldn’t you know, Halmar just steps over the body and heads into the tavern to make conversation with the bar maid. The scurrilous cad!


Hmm, floating rocks. This could be a bad omen.


Night time in the desert wasteland of Wynton’s Folly. But they have street lamps so what could possibly go wrong! Follow these all the way to the Tour Guide.


Hello Tour Guide! We meet again! You keep some really bad company! Maybe you could put in a good word with Santa and get the skeletons some presents? Maybe they would settle down?


Up on a rooftop! It looks like this may have once been a nice village – except for all the heat, dirt, dead trees and lack of water.


Look at this shifty character getting ready to make his move and pick the pockets of this hapless drunk! Good thing I was there! I was going to help this poor chap up and toss him into a cart to sleep it off, but he defiled his cloak in a most unsavory manner and I didn’t want to get my gauntlets dirty.

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