In my haste to make it to the Tour Guide and secure the Yule Hat, I pushed through Righ Inis and didn’t bother to take in the sights of this new area. In keeping with my exploration motif I went back to see what I missed.

It seems I didn’t miss a thing. I be blunt, Righ Inis is a bleak and dull sort of place where only skeletons and wolves like to hang out. And even they don’t seem to get along.

I suppose if you’re looking for some animal pelts or the occasional nugget of ore this might not be a terrible place to find yourself. But if your looking for an interesting place to explore for new quests and adventures, this would be a terrible place to find yourself.

With that done, we’ll take it off the list of places to be explored and put it on the list of places not to build a summer home.

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