The world can sometimes be a lonely and cruel place. Some nights you feel desperately alone as you wander from town to town trying to keep your spirits up and your sanity in check. But it doesn’t always work does it? Sometimes you can reach the end. Sometimes you hit rock bottom. Sometimes your backside gets incinerated by a fireball. Sometimes you end up face down in the street in a crumpled heap while a crowd of drunken Avatars looks on. And then perhaps some jackass with a reindeer adds insult to injury and walks over your corpse.

Being an adventurer can be a troubling life. Sometimes you complete the quest, save the girl, defeat the monster and find epic loot.

Sometimes, you’re just dead and a warning to others.

And once again Halmer, where were you? Get out of that pub!


No, reindeer no!! That is a terrible place to go to the bathroom!


All you say is Ouch!!


Shouldn’t be too hard to dispose of the body, he’s already in a ditch. Someone around here must sell shovels. If not, we’ll use the hoe.

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