T’was the night before Christmas and all through the land
The Avatars were stirring with swords in their hand

I was out for a bit of shopping with the Merchants when intrepid explorer and stalwart warrior Alley Oop  made comment that my Winged Helm didn’t quite match the rest of my armor. I was taken aback as I thought I looked quite fashionable and stylish in my Epic Armor. Stylish and fashionable in a very fierce sort of way.

But I was informed that there is a matching helm and in mere moments we were in the Dragon’s Cave just North of Braemar, running around in circles and smashing every rock wall that stood in our way. In due course we were in a chamber with a treasure chest that gifted the helm to me. Now instead of wings, I have horns and look even more fashionable. And fierce.

With that bit of looting complete we compared notes and while we have finished almost all the same quests, there are a couple of places I need to go and one or two people left to talk to.

Our next stop was in Kingsport where I was shown the other two treasure chests. We all know the one on the pier right as you enter town, but if you keep following that path, go past all the shops and then down the stone steps, if you take a right at the rocks you’ll find another chest.

If you keep following the main path and go to the guard tower at the other end of town, you’ll find another there as well.

From there we went over to Owl’s Head and went inside one of the most demonic and diabolical places I’ve seen. On the outside it looks like a Chapel. And even on the inside it looks like a Chapel with pews and a pulpit. But that’s where the Saintliness ends. Go upstairs and you’ll be greeted by a barrage of coffins. Go to the basement and you’ll find a host of holy horrors. All the way down at the bottom is a room filled with bones, a torture wheel, iron maiden (not the band, although that would be kinda cool), hooks and a cage. Uh, what the hell is this place and what are we doing down here?

It’s quite shocking really and more to the point, what the devil is it doing in Owl’s Head? Who owns this sinister Chapel? Seems there are some nasty residents lurking around in that town. I’m sure there is quite a sordid tale associated with this place.

If you want to have a look for yourself, from the lower market, head down the alley (no relation to Oop) and the Chapel is right in front of you. You will notice the cemetery just to the side and the Tesla tower in the background where lonely Bentham hangs out. You will notice the basement entrance if you head toward the pulpit.

And you’ll know you’re on the right street because of the infamous house with all the ankhs stacked on top of each other. Say what you will, I think that house is impressive!

The final stop on our little tour was to go visit Marisol in the upper market. There is a bit of a side quest here and one I didn’t know about. It seems Marisol is waiting for news about her husband Cavill. Alas, he was a member of the party that Winslow lead against the undead. We all know how that turned out don’t we? There is the unfortunate task of giving her the bad news about her husband. There is no reward, but someone must be bearer of bad tidings.

If you’re looking for something to do, or simply looking for a helm that will make you fashionable and stylish (and fierce) have a look around Kingsport and Owl’s Head. It makes you wonder what the other citizens of Owl’s Head have stashed in their basements. I’m beginning to think it’s not quite the happy go lucky town it first appears to be.

Big thanks to Alley Oop for getting the helm for me and showing me around!

Oh, and rumor has it, ghosts lurk in the Tower of the Shuttered Eye. I may have to go and investigate myself. But not until midnight.


There’s more to the Dragon’s Cave than just stealing eggs.


One of the treasure chests just behind the market in Kingsport


The other chest behind the guard tower at the far end of the town. And look at that Helm! Stylish! (And fierce)


Oh look, an unassuming house in Owl’s Head, let’s go have a look


It looks like a regular Chapel when you first go inside…


But as soon as you go upstairs, things get a little weird.


And when you go to the bottom of the basement, things get a bit sordid and torturey


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