The adventures continue as I make my way through and under the city streets of New Britannia. One of my stops along the way was Owl’s Nest, the home of the Red Sash Bandits. If you recall, they got a new wardrobe makeover to make them more “bandity” so I went to go say hi and have a look around. Well now, don’t they look different in new clothes, bulkier physique and the very outlaw looking bandana across the face.

I will agree, they are much improved over their less than fearsome counterparts. (I think the jockstrap on the head may have been working negatively for them) They may look better, but they still pose barely a threat. You can easily sneak up behind them and cold cock them in the back of the head and they drop like a sack of potatoes. You don’t scare me Blackpond, ya big sissy!

A minor change to Owl’s Nest is the area with the wolves, that has previously been boarded up, is now open. This is the area right across from Norman. Not really much to see in there just yet, but clearly it’s different so it’s worth making note of. You can always harvest a couple of gems.

Another thing of note is that I previously spoke to Jarred down in Braemar, and he had me take a dagger to Nestor. I think this might have been a mistake and perhaps sets the wheels in motion of something not so good. However, if you go visit Nestor, that ornate dagger is on the desk and you can pick it back up again. Which I did. I slipped it back into my pocket and then after listening to Nestor rant on about the undead, the necropolis and his devious plans, I stabbed him in the back. Some Necromancer he turned out to be! I stepped over his carcass and stole the little skull off his desk just to add insult to injury. I’d melt him down for tanning wax if I could get away with it.

Maybe it’s always been there, but I didn’t notice it before -there is a secret entryway right next to the ladder that leads out of Owl’s Nest. If you knock the rocks out of the way you can take shortcuts over to the Dragon Caves and the Owl’s Head Sewers. Just be careful in those sewers though, there are more ghosts lurking around. The skeletons do the bulk of the work while the ghost sits back being all ethereal and vaporous, stealing the life right out of you.

Another thing I hadn’t noticed before, is the small hatch located on the doorstep of the ramshackle building right next to the Broken Anchor warehouse down in Kingsport. Don’t let the “I don’t believe in maintenance” and “this place may be infested with rats” exterior deceive you. Underneath that hovel is a massive party palace complete with huge bar, wine casks and seating for 50. Go have a look, you’ll see what I’m talking about. You will open a door to find another room with another door and then another door. And it’s 5 levels deep. The first set of stairs you go down will come to an end, but if you open the right door, you’ll find the other staircase and you can keep going down.

And speaking of secret hatchways, you’ve jumped down into the secret crafting area underneath the tavern in Braemar right?

Finally, there was a revisit to the Obsidian Keep. Lots of skeletons and mages out there. And the Lich in the back portion. You can spend quite a bit of time hacking and slashing out there. I didn’t find the key, but I was pretty haphazard in my approach. I was perfecting my serpentine technique, so my coverage of the area was a little lax.


It’s so much roomier down here than the shanty facade would have you believe.


Hello, what do we have here? What sort of Obsidian trickery goes on down here?


To the right is the Broken Anchor Warehouse. To the left is the Subterranean Party Basement complete with bar, casks and creepy altar.


Stay down you Lich bastard!


Hey there Red Sash Bandit. I dig the makeover. Fashion stylings from Genghis Khan, I like it.


Ah Blackpond, we meet again. Don’t get all feisty because I was talking to the lady. I’ll stab you, I mean it.

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