Now that I’ve found some interesting places, it’s time to turn attention to finding resources and reagents. That took me over to the Northmarsh, Mysterious Swamp and West Ravenswood. Up to this point, I have avoided the swamps, mainly because they are swamps. They’re dirty, smelly, stinky places loaded with sludge and too many things I can’t identify and I really don’t need that seeping into my boots. But that is where the reagents are, so that was my destination.

I figured I would start off with something simple and went in search of the Black Pearl, the actual pearl, not the ship with some crazy, wild-eyed, drunk captain at the helm. I’d never seen oysters before, but after conferring with The Mad Hermit, I was ready to give it a go. In West Ravenswood, I made my way over to the small creek where the bears happened to be frolicking. If you look really closely at the banks, you will see oysters. But seriously, you have to look really closely! If you go running through there with packs of spiders, wolves, bears and skeletons on your heels, you won’t see them. Not only do they look like rocks, they look like very hard to see rocks. But I found several clusters of oysters and managed to pull out quite a few pearls. I had to contend with several bears who thought my walking in their stream with dirty, steel-toed boots was unacceptable, but after they knocked me down a couple of times, I turned them into slippers.

With a couple of pearls in my pocket, I went over to the Northmarsh to see what I could find. I stumbled through the dank water, slipped on the boggy mud and eventually found the elusive Nightshade plant. Garlic is easy to see. Cotton is very noticeable. Nightshade is damn near invisible. You will really need to take a couple of steps, stop and look around. Keep in mind this area has spiders, wolves, skeletons and kobolds. It’s not the type of place to stop and smell the roses. It’s not the type of place to stop and smell.

Feeling giddy from the lack of oxygen and perhaps from blood loss associated with leeches in my boots, I went over to the Mysterious Swamp to see what mysteries it held for me. Oddly, this is a pretty rich resource environment. I found cotton, maple, pine, copper ore and garlic with no problem. I even found a cluster of oysters right next to the rotting wood walkway. Really? Oysters in a swamp? Who eats those?

And what of Nightshade? Yes, it can be found here as well and it’s just as hard to see. I haven’t found the Mandrake Root yet, but I’m not done looking. I know what it should look like, just have to find the right spot. This really isn’t the type of place I want to come at night and look for things. It’s nasty as can be out there.


Do you see the oysters? They’re ever so slightly to the right and directly in front of me.


Same bed of oysters now that I’ve harvested them. Told you, very hard to see these little rascals.


Do you see the Nightshade plant next to the cotton? Cotton on the right, Nightshade on the left.


Nice deposit of Copper to be mined. Don’t forget, Spiders are resources too – Spider silk, Venom Sack, Spider Leg.


Seriously, that Nightshade plant is tricky to see!


Look! Dirty oysters!

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