Just because you bought a Wizard’s Hat from a tailor in a back alley shop off Peddler’s Row, it doesn’t make you a wizard. I believe I made the mistake of being convinced by the vendor that putting on this Wizard’s Hat would make me a great and powerful magician. Seems one of us was wrong. As I cast my magic, it become quite clear things weren’t right. I’m not sure if it was a good or bad thing I was practicing indoors. What I can say is, Mistakes Were Made.

This is about as bad as the time I bought that sack full of beans the vendor said were magic. I ate the whole bag and didn’t feel anymore powerful than when I started. I did have a devil of a time using the privy for several days afterward though, but I would hardly consider that magic.


Oh Reindeer! What have I done??? The man in the shop said I just needed to wave my hands around frantically and everything would be fine!


Oh No!!! Things have gone from bad to worse! Quick get a rope! Get a bucket! Get a saw!


Maybe if we put some antlers over the top no one will notice…


This Wizard’s Hat is cursed!! I’ve summoned the mythical and dangerous two-headed reindeer that guards the gates of Ravensmoor!


All right, that’s it! Where the hell is that tailor! It’s all fun and games until someone makes me the buck end of their jokes! I won’t stand for it!

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