First of all, Happy New Year to everyone! I had a fun time actually being in the game during New Years as did many other players. That Firelotus Tavern was packed. I was actually down in Braemar hanging out with a group of people who decided to kick off the new year with some quests. We took off to the Graff Gem Mines where I got the Graff Necklace quest. I haven’t been out there since the Tour Guide quest started and noticed the new placement of the guide. We forged down into the mines and put some Kobolds on a stick. And with those out of the way we kept on going and stripped the walls bare of those pretty little crystals. Nothing brings in the New Year like looting for gems! I also got some lovely pelts to wrap myself in.

On a separate set of adventures I ended up finding a basement that left me scratching my head. At first glace the décor is quite lovely. A nice little bar area and plenty of crafting stations. This would be a pretty neat place to hang out. A little dungeony if you ask me, but still very nice.

But down at the bottom I found something that took me by surprise. Why is there a portal in this basement lot? Where does it go? What am I going to step into if I jump through this whirling circle of shimmering light? Something good? Something bad? Something I will regret?

If you want to find out for yourself, head to the upper market in Owl’s Head and make your way over to the Decoration Vendors. Right behind the female Merchant (I don’t think they have names) is a building with no characters in it. To the left is a basement hatch. Down you go!

Keep opening doors and keep going down. Eventually you’ll find the portal. Mysterious abound!


Well what have we here? A rather festive bar and table set up with multiple crafting stations in the side rooms. Pretty nice basement you have here! A little bit on the dungeon side, but nice overall.


Oh my, what is this?  Where does this Portal lead to?

And just as a side note, I couldn’t decide which seasonal addons I wanted, so I broke down and got them all. I have them all in my house now, so I really can’t be without them in the final version. Curse you! But, if you want them as well, better hurry, the sale is coming to an end and then they’ll be removed from the store.

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