As I was reading over the latest news about Release 14, two items stood out to me. First, we have the Shardfall Biome which will be an Open PvP area rich with resources. Oh my, temptation and risk. This will be the first area where entering means you’re fair game. Now, I’m not a PvP style player, not my thing and just as importantly, I’m terrible at it. But now we have a risk and reward area. Will I take my chances and head out there? Are the riches worth putting myself to the hazard? Is this a place to adventure to solo or is it best to travel as a group?

Going to have to think and strategize about this one. Will my want of epic loot overcome my inability to hit the broad side of a stable? Will the Dev team be diabolical enough to put a Tour Guide in a PvP area??? The carnage! The horror!

Next, we have Wyrmsands, a place where the dragons have fallen. This looks very interesting. If you remember, there are the bones of beast like this out in Deep Ravensmoor. It now appears that isn’t the only place they were held captive. Did they all meet such a terrible fate? What else are we going to find out there? My curiosity is piqued.

The Island of Novia will have a number of these Shardfall areas where the Blessings of the Oracle do not hold sway and all who venture in them are at risk of conflict (open PVP). With that risk though there is rumor of even greater reward for the Shardfall both generates and exposes more resources than anywhere else in Novia.


I wonder if I can harvest this plant and put it outside my home in Braemar?


Pretty grim indeed

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