While out strolling along the streets of Owl’s Head, no I wasn’t up to anything nefarious, I came across what looked to be a Christmas Tree Farm. There in the distance was the sparkle of little lights, and as we all know, I’m drawn to the sparkle of little lights. As I made my way over the whole scene revealed itself as a large festival area complete with sumptuous banquet, music and seating for many people and a tree made out of cheese. There were plenty of Vibration Amplifiers to tune into and a large open area for revelry. It was quite impressive and sits on the plot owned by Lew Silverblade.

As luck would have it, Lew happened to wander by and I made comment on his impressive decorating style. He commented that if I thought that was impressive, what until I see the castle. Castle? What castle?

He took me around the corner from the maze wherein the was indeed a castle. How the devil did I miss it? What’s in this mug anyway?

On the outside it looks like a normal castle. Well as normal as an enormous castle can look. But inside the walls something quite unusual awaits the adventurous visitor. There is indeed a massive maze that takes up most of the plot with a house sitting in the middle. Oh… My… Goodness…

Look at the size of this thing! It was put together by Riya and Net using the newly available hedge decorations and in the center is a Santa cottage. Lew showed me the way to the center which looked as though Santa himself lived there.

It’s a wildly impressive display and it has the added benefit of having a high wall so all those delicate souls won’t have their immersion broken by someone else’s decorating.

Both locations are right next to each other on the outskirts of Owl’s Head.  You should go have a look.


First stop, the impressive banquet hall complete with music, food, Christmas Trees and cheese!


On the outside a castle, on the inside a maze of great cunning. And look what’s in the center. Santa may have been vacationing in Owl’s Head.


Your reward for making it to the center, a peek at Santa’s workshop.


From the top of the castle wall you can see the other plot.


Oh look, sunken treasure! Can you guess where this is? I’ll give you a hint, it’s under a bridge.

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