It’s been awhile since I’ve been to any of the Ravenswood locations and once I heard it was both new and improved not to mention rich in resources I figured I needed to go have a look. Oh my goodness, it has changed dramatically!

While the entry may give a sense of foreboding and menace with all the cobwebs and massive spiders lurking about in every direction, if you look past that, you’ll find quite a lovely little camping and fishing area. If you can look past the bandits and fighters once you get there.

This area has been restyled and now shows the new bandit look and comes complete with a picturesque lagoon, waterfall and fishing docks. It’s actually really impressive looking! And it’s rich with resources. If you keep your eyes open you will find cotton, garlic, copper, iron, tin, nightshade, black pearls, wolves, bears and maple wood. Ok, you don’t really have to keep your eyes open for the maple wood, it’s a 20 foot tall tree, how hard can it be to find? And you probably should keep your eyes open, lest you get mauled by a bear. Or a wolf. Or a spider. Ok, just keep you eyes open at all times.

But wait, there’s more. At the end, behind the waterfall is a cave with it’s own set of riches and a treasure chest. Makes you want to go out there doesn’t it???

There is a lot to this area and it looks impressive! If the bandits weren’t here, or if we could all just learn to get along, this would make a great place to pop up a house or at least set up a tent of some kind. But you know how those bandits are, always sitting around the campfire causing a ruckus, playing their lute music too loud and getting drunk on poorly made mead. Next thing you know they’re calling each other names and questioning their mother’s lineage. It’s no good.

Putting that aside, take a trip out to Ravenswood North and see some of the new additions and pick up a few resources while you’re out there.


At first, I thought this chap was the camp director or park ranger with intentions of showing me a nice fishing cabin. Oh, imagine my surprise!


It’s a lovely little lagoon loaded with plenty of fish.


Oysters line the bank and you can see how many little fishing shacks are out here.


I tried to make the best of the lagoon and even went for a little swim in the waterfall. Nothing says relaxation like wading out in 100 pounds of iron armor with your trusty sword and shield by your side.


Wahoo! Look at me! I climbed to the top of the waterfall! Ya damn right I ran and jumped off! Cannonball!!!

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