The Australians are known for many things – the ability to survive amidst some of the most dangerous creatures to ever inhabit the earth, their fondness for Vegemite and their equal love of footy, cricket and meat pies. Now, levitation can be added to the list. It was my original intention to pop in and say G’Day to Royalsexy, but I found myself standing on top of a building. Or rather to be more precise, I found myself standing above the top of the building. It seems he has mastered the ability to levitate and simply being in his divine presence passes on the gift. There we were, high above the rooftops of Kingsport overlooking the sea as the sun came up. If I’d had the presence of mind to look down I might have been scared. But as we all know, I’m not cursed with a presence of mind.

Others were trying to replicate the feat, but it appears that not only do you have to be in the presence of an Aussie, you must contain those same genetics in order to levitate. I’m sorry my friends, standing high above Kingsport just isn’t for everyone. I may be looking down at you, but I’m not down on you. It was quite a thrilling sensation as the invisible air felt just as solid as regular ground. I will now add this to my list of accomplishments for Shroud of the Avatar. Kill Lich – check. Levitate – check.

We can’t loiter on the rooftops all day (someone will eventually shoo us away) so we headed over to Ardoris to check out the Bear Tavern Brawl, a PvP Tournament featuring some pretty heavy hitters. Now, I’m not normally one for PvP or senseless violence in the streets, but I’m not opposed to the idea of challengers matching their skills in honorable combat. And so we have the arena where players like Net, Sophi, Player Killer, Net, John Smitherton, Rael Bloodmoon, Malakas and Amber Raine to name a few, duked it out to see who was champion. It was a series of elimination rounds and quite the spectacle to watch.

I had hoped they would serve the traditional Yak’s meat and hot wine, but alas, it wasn’t on order. Maybe Anton in Kingsport can help us out. Perhaps next time.

There were some epic battles and some scary magic being cast about. I saw a couple citizens engulfed in fire and the grim hand of death touch bandied about. You have to be careful in this sort of arena, you never know when some of those spells are going to go awry and suck the life right out of you. The referee was shot in the plums more than once by an icy blast or misguided fire arrow, but he took it like a trooper and kept on officiating. It was a good time!

You won’t see me in that ring, but I have to admit, I might be in the stands for the next go round, it was quite thrilling. This could become quite an event out in Ardoris!SotA_01-04-15_12-32_2

So, you’re saying if I stand like this I won’t fall to my death. Ok, sure, what could possibly go wrong?


I ponder the mysteries of what it means to float like a birdy on the branch


Look, shadows!!! Uh, you’re not gonna stab me with that fire stick are ya? I was just sort of dropping in to say hello.


Yes, hello good citizens, I can indeed levitate. Sorry you aren’t so fortunate, but good try none the less!


To the arena! You there? Any Yak’s meat on a stick? Dammit man!!


As the sun set it got a bit dark for edge of your seat, combat to the death, but fear not, we have torches and light spells


Amber Raine enters the arena


The combatants have each other in their sights…


And then one of them catches on fire. Poor chap.
Look, you have a reindeer right there, it’s close enough to Yak, just put a hunk on a stick and put it over the embers in front of you!

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