Oh my, what can this be? As I stood in the town square I heard the faint rumble of something off in the distance. No need to be alarmed right? The undead are contained at the outskirts of town, and we have Halmar to keep everything under control. Right? The rumbling began to grow and as the foam was shaken right out of my mug of ale, the source of the rumbled soon revealed itself.

The Weeping Seven rolled into town and brought with them a massive entourage.

Good heavens!! I mean, Good evening!

I know there a lot of guilds out there, but you don’t normally see them outside of their chosen town or away from an event. But in the midst of their ranks was Blake Blackstone, the armor clad chap who has been offering to take citizens on the Grand Tour and get them started on their new life in New Britannia. I see he comes well fortified to protect the citizenry on their journey. This certainly means you should go on the Grand Tour, what could possibly happen to you?


Good evening to you all! Oh, and I see you brought some reindeer.


Looks like we’re gonna need a bigger pub!

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