I must apologize to the good citizens of Braemar for the disturbance I caused last night. But have no fear, the fire was contained and no one was injured. My Gothic Table and Chairs took the brunt of the blow.

I was down in the basement working on my Explosive Potions, when mistakes were made. Perhaps I used too much Sulfurous Ash, perhaps I let it cook a little too long, or perhaps it was the cheap bottles I was forced to pinch from the reagents vendor over in Ardoris because no one sells the correct Vial, but on the final step there was a mighty boom and my hat was blown clean off my head. I was trying to get into the spirit of things and wore my Wizard’s Hat while at the Alchemy Table. I knew that damn hat was cursed!

There was a small fire outbreak, but I managed to contain it using some animal hides and water from the hot tubs. I sprinkled it with a bit of wine and that seemed to work wonders as well. It’s only good for Vinegar anyway.

But phew, working with Potions can be dangerous business! Good thing I know what I’m doing or that could have been a disaster. I will have to make a new table and chairs though. You don’t want to sit down on them now, the splinters!!

After the smoke cleared, I decided to do some cooking and made some bread and stew. I made the Garlic Cheese Bread, Bark Bread, Cheese Bread, and Banana Bread. Those worked quite well and the aroma of fresh baked bread covered up the burning smell quite nicely.

I also made some more hearty dishes like, Bowl of Gorn’s Venison Roast, Bowl of Son of Owan Regicide Stovie, Bowl of Ardoris Coleslaw, Bowl of Grannus Beef Stew, Bowl of Iolo’s Cat Gut Gulash,and Bowl of Dupre’s Duck Stew. I think I got a little carried away there.

So with my few dozens loaves of bread and bowl after bowl of stew and gulash, I went upstairs and sat down to a hearty meal. I figured it was best to keep the doors closed and keep things low key since I’m sure I woke up a few people with that Explosive Potion. I don’t need an angry mob at my door.

Once I get the mess cleaned up down there in the basement, I think it will be time to do some Copper work. I’ve picked up quite a few chunks of the stuff along the way so I probably should find a use for them.

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