Not to be outdone by the bigger cities of Kingsport, Ardoris or even the Brave Coast, the good citizens and PvP players of Braemar got together and made their own combat arena and it looks pretty darn good. It’s located right behind the Merchant and if I didn’t know better I would say Bodan was popping his head over the wall to check out the action. He doesn’t need to keep wandering aimlessly in that field, no one is going to say anything if he has a seat and watches a tournament or two. He’s a man about town, maybe he knows where to get some Yak’s meat and hot wine.

But anyway, the arena is set up with stands so people like me can spectate and watch the action. And it was a pretty good showing too. Several players from different guilds were on hand to test their skills. It was more of a training exercise than a full tournament, but that doesn’t mean they were holding back. The gauntlets were thrown down, the arrows flew, the swords were ignited and the ground was scorched. Good thing I was in the stands, I got a bit nervous at that flaming sword bit. Looks like that could hurt!

If you want to come and watch the action, the arena is just to the left as you enter the Braemar market. It’s right behind the Merchant and directly across from the pub. I bet Halmar can see the games from his seat at the bar the wily devil.

There was another visitor to the small town of Braemar, Lord British himself popped in for a quick chat, spot of tea and to greet new players. It’s been awhile since he’s made it down this far, I believe his last stop was in Kingsport. Perhaps he was coming to check out the arena and make a wager or two. Alas, he wasn’t able to stay long as he had other engagements, which is certainly understandable. Nice to see our liege in our fair little town though.

Alas, I missed the big tournament over on the Brave Coast that Duke Violation hosted. I really wanted to make it over there, but I was called away at the last minute and missed the whole thing. I wasn’t even able to listen to it on Avatar’s Radio, so it was a disappointment on many levels. Perhaps I will be able to catch the next one. To keep apprised of these events make sure you check out Avatar’s Portal. Lots of good information over there and a list of the in-game events. The Community Events calendar is right on the front page. I even missed out on the fishing trip with Winfield.


Gadzooks! That man is on fire! Did he mean to do that?! I’m having flashbacks to the Explosive Potions down in my basement! Be careful! We don’t have a fire brigade down here!


Wait a minute, I know you don’t I? Don’t you owe me some money, or a crown or leggings or something?

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