To start off with, I’m neither for nor against guilds. I certainly see how they can be fun and rewarding within the game, grouping people of like mind and play style, but I’ve started to see a disturbing trend with how guilds recruit brand new members then leave them for dead.

Over the weekend, I ran into multiple players asking, “what do I do in this game?” and “how do I get started?” or “this is my first time logging in” and lo and behold, right under their name is a guild moniker. The same one, over and over again. Really?

So this guild, who shall remain nameless (for now), jumps people at the entrance and asks (seduces/harasses/strong arms) players into joining their guild, yet doesn’t stick around to teach them how to play and answer their question? What kind of nonsense is that?

Here we have a new player, someone who just joined from Steam, they’ve been recruited by a guild, yet they stand in the center of Braemar not sure which characters are NPCs and which are real players. They have no money on their person, they don’t know anything about the quests, they don’t know where any of the other towns are or even how to leave Braemar to get to them. And to top it all off, members of the same guild are within eyesight, yet they say nothing. They’re too busy with their PvP antics that reign all over town. The guild should be embarrassed and the member who recruited this person should be ashamed of themselves! Come on! We’re better than this.

This is obviously a case of guild members checking off a box saying they recruited someone and increased the number of their ranks and off they go to find another victim. You’ve increased your number and now a brand new player has been left in the cold, gets frustrated and thinks the game and it’s players aren’t worth coming back for. Well done!

For the uninitiated player, this game can be hard and confusing. There is no arrow or flashing bulb to guide them to the first quest. But you would think, if a guild is going to recruit brand new players, they would at least have the decency to stick around and show them the ropes.

In one very sad case, a player go so fed up, embarrassed and confused, they wanted a refund. Maybe this game isn’t for everyone, but come on, if you’re going to recruit someone and say you’re the best guild in the game, act like it.

I don’t have a guild and I don’t recruit people, that’s just not me. But if someone were to ask me about guilds in the game, I will certainly let them know who to steer clear of.

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