As someone else stated, Braemar is the Wild West and can be a touch unpredictable at times. On most occasions the streets are quiet, where the Merchants are free to sell their wares and the tavern has an easy calm to it. Halmar keeps order in the streets and Jack goes about his business with nary a care in the world. Except for the rampant poverty and lack of plumbing.

But when the sun goes down, things take on a different hue.

Braemar after dark is a little rougher around the edges. That’s usually when the battles start, fire breaks out and someone invariably summons and fire elemental to do their bidding.

It may be a little unsettling for the newcomer, but if you stand off to the side and sip gently at your ale, it’s quite a light show and well worth watching.

Also around the pub I’ve heard many a tall tale of found treasure and slain monsters. Many boasts have been thrown around and after a fashion you learn to nod your head knowingly, smile and simply ask for another tankard of ale. No need to cast doubt on such a good story. But one left me in awe.

Gather round. Come closer my friends and let me tell you a real story.

Many have ventured into the Dungeons of Braemar. After having my fill of liquid courage, I’ve even been known to go down with other foolhardy souls looking for fortune and glory. The horrors that lurk in the darkness can leave you shattered and broken. It takes cunning, strategy and a group of dedicated warriors working together to come out the other side.

Only the truly reckless would run the gauntlet alone. No one would dare face those terrors by themselves. You’d have to be mad!

But madness, like truth, is in the eye of the beholder. I now know of one warrior capable of making that dungeon journey and living to tell the tale. It should come as no surprise, that warrior is Alley Oop. She is capable of embarking on the most dangerous journey and using wit, skill and tactics, can survive the hazards to dispatch all the enemies that lay before her. I am in awe of her ability to strike and parry, to heal and steal life, to advance and retreat at the right times to make it through the challenges.

It is indeed worthy of respect.


Sometimes we have dancing in the burning ring of fire. Nice high steps there.


Sometimes we have line dancing. Always worth stopping to take in the show. I don’t know the tune, but that’s not important.


Sometimes your PvP challenge doesn’t end the way you expected it to. Yeah, um, I’m not cleaning that up. Halmar!


And sometimes a fire elemental gets summoned. Turkey’s done!!

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