It was a good crowd last night as we assembled in the cemetery of Braemar for the Dungeon Run. Bayridge was right on time and at 7PM we grouped ourselves together and jumped in ready for battle, fortune and glory. And the occasional beat down.

Not everything went according to plan though. The game was showing it’s more temperamental side and we have several monsters not appear or get stuck in the walls. We made great progress up to the first Lich who decided he was going to hide inside the walls of the chamber while still shooting fireballs at us. Try as we might, we couldn’t get to him and had to reset. Curse the bad luck.

On our next try, we got passed that level but then hit a roadblock with Chest Mimics. Several Chest Mimics needed to open the door didn’t appear as planned. We tried many tricks and taunts and finally got the little devils to appear wherein we bashed them over the head and moved on.

But luck was not on our side. As we battled the Ice and Fire Elementals we became stranded. We had defeated all that was thrown at us, but the door was barred. We attacked it and jumped at it as though we were in a prison riot, but the door wouldn’t budge. One of party even thought a sacrifice to the lava gods might be in order, but alas, even after incinerating himself for the cause, the door wouldn’t open. We had no choice but to reset again. Curse the bad luck.

Our third attempt was full of fire and brimstone! We plowed our way through the enemies and left a trail of destruction in our wake. None stood a chance! We were only momentarily stalled by a half dozen Lich and I have to say, in all the confusion it was hard to tell what to swing at. I’m quite sure that at least once I unintentionally stabbed someone in the kidney. It was pure accident I assure you. In the heat of battle it’s sometimes hard to tell friend from foe.

But if there was any internal bleeding, our Healer patched them up and we plunged deeper into the dungeon and were ultimately victorious. And here’s the kicker, I didn’t even die once! That was through no skill of my own, but the powerful healer who managed to keep me in his sights and not me die on the dungeon floor. I even managed to make the leap to the central platform on the spider level, which if you’ve ever seen me in action, is quite a feat!

Bayridge split the winnings amongst the survivors and said we should return at the end of the week when he had a double-header planned. He wanted to take a group out to Vertas Pass as a warmup then hit the Dungeon as the Coup de Grace. I haven’t been out to Vertas Pass in a couple of releases and I hear it is much more challenging than before. It would seem the enemy is aware of the adventurers tactics and has devised countermeasures. If you’re going to head out there, you might want to bring a healer along. Well that’s different!

So, we’ll risk life and limb in Vertas Pass and if we survive we’ll risk life and limb for a Dungeon Run? All right, challenge accepted. Count me in.

Friday at 7PM CST, the carnage and mayhem begins. If I survive, I’ll let you know how it goes. If you’re feeling frisky, polish off that armor and meet us out there. What could possibly go wrong?

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