My second day with archer skills was pretty entertaining as well as confusing. There are a ton of “arrow” skills in the tree, in fact, too many to actually put in the combat bar. Seems like there should be a few more “innate” skills rather than so many active skills. I suppose that can be a good problem to have if you know how to handle the skills. This also speaks to the benefit of the “rotating” deck where different skills come up. I have all the combat skills locked because so many were innate. If archer has so many active skills I will have to completely change my way of play and get used to the idea of the ever changing glyphs in my hand. Great, the archer is confusing enough now I actually have to think and concentrate. Curse this game!

After spending a lot of time moving points around, I went back into the woods to see the effect of my changes. I messed up and didn’t put muiltishot together, I wanted to see that in action. But the rest of the skills were pretty good. I smacked down the wolves with no trouble at all. I even took down several bears before they could lay their paws on me. Spiders are a bit tricky, especially the smaller ones, since they seem to swarm. They’re easy to run away from, but what happens when I get to the big guys? I fear the idea of being stuck in place against them. Maybe it was a glitch, but they trapped me in place and hosed my down with venom when I was in full armor and I didn’t stand a chance. Maybe I will be smart and savvy enough to defeat from a distance so that never happens. Yeah right!

I do feel the archer is far more involved that melee. With blades you sort of just swing and maybe move around when you start running out of health. With the archer it’s far more, take a shot, move to a different position and take another. You have to be far more aware of the environment, the enemies, their position and how many.

Only played for a limited time, but the archer and ranged weapons are pretty fun. I will definitely visit this setup again, once I make some progress in R14. Speaking of R14, no, I haven’t jumped over to the QA server. I will jump into R14 tomorrow night after everything resets. I wanted to see some of the new features, specifically the bank, but I didn’t feel like downloading everything again. Not really worth the time and bandwidth usage for 2 days effort that will be wiped out.

With the few hours remaining tonight, I will try a few more combinations with the archer then say goodbye to my character and all my stuff. It’s been a really good run.

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