With the streets of Braemar nearly deserted, it was the perfect time to play with bows and arrows. I would shoot them off indoors, but I have no targets. I have no problem riddling my gothic tables with arrows, but the game denies me. What fun is that? So, out into the street I went and what should I make my target?

Hello turkey!! Now, just to make it fair, let me see how far back I can go and still make the shot. Much to my surprise, the distance on the bow is pretty damn good! I went a good 50 paces down the road and with a single shot silenced that bird. The arrow even had a nice arc and curve to it. I thought I might graze the merchant, but oh no, the arrow only had eyes for the turkey and gave the merchant a wide berth.

After jumping for joy, I locked on the other birds and without having to pull the trigger, the bow fired and dispatched each one of them. I could barely see the little devils in the dark but managed to strike them down with ease.

Since no one is really going to be impressed with felling a turkey, I skipped down the road and found that stag I always see lurking around. With a good distance separating us, I waiting until he was grazing peacefully on grass before taking aim. I used the Aimed Shot and with one flick of the fingers he was down. Oh my goodness, that was a lot of damage dealt from a healthy distance.

Wow, ok, this bow action is pretty sweet! Wish I would have messed with this sooner. All right, what else can I annihilate? Oh wait, bears!

I went off to North Ravenswood and assaulted the first bear I saw without any provocation whatsoever. There he was, out in the fields, frolicking or whatever bears do and then BAM, shot in the buttocks! He didn’t take kindly to the intrusion, but by the time he figured out where I was, I’d already put 3 more arrows into him. Then I went with the Fire Arrow so that by the time he dropped at my feet he was already medium rare.

Took down a bear without taking a single point of damage!

Hmm, what else is there? Oh, the bandit picnic, let me go over there and stir up some trouble. I hid in the bushes and picked the first couple off before they even saw me. For the ones that did see me, I decided to use Death Touch. Oh my lord!! Imagine my surprise when I reached into a man’s chest and pulled out his soul! Oh my goodness that was awesome!

With the first few bandits out of the way, I went over to the left side and cleared out the lot of them without taking a single point of damage. They all ended up face down in the pond. I even managed to ruin the bath one of them seemed to be taking in the natural spring. You’re fish food now ya sticky devil!

These Ranged skills are fun! The damage dealt can be pretty lethal and the range is pretty significant. I did end up toe to toe with a band of Skeleton Archers, but I jumped up on a ruined archway and took care of them all. There was a bit of shooting while on the run as well. I took some damage, but got rid of 3 of them and lived to tell the tale. I even used Death Touch on one of them just to see what would happen. He crumbled that’s for sure. It was great!

Aw well, time has run out for this release, but I’m gonna have some fun with this in the next one! Magic may not be my thing, but what can go wrong with archery?



Hey, this is a pretty good shot to hit the turkey from here, at night and not kill the merchant. I would have gone for the Tour Guide, but you can’t target him. And obviously I’m not going to take pot shots at Blixen. If only Halmar….


Check out the damage to the Stag from this distance with Aimed Shot. I don’t think I’ve done that much damage with melee. Either I have crap weapons or missed a critical skill in that setup. Sorry about the carnage on your doorstep neighbor. Um, you can keep that if you like.


Hmm, never noticed this before.


All right ya dirty bandit, let’s see how Fire Arrow works.


Pretty effective I’d say. Dead and on fire, just the way it should be. You might have made it had you thrown yourself into the pond. Who am I kidding? I just would have shot you again.

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