I don’t recall the last time Braemar was this full! The land rush is in full swing that’s for sure! I managed to sneak a few minutes to jump in and like so many others made a mad dash to the “banker”, grabbed my lot deed and house deed and scrambled over to claim the same plot of land I had last release. Total luck and fortuitous timing! Owl’s Head was already full and Kingsport had 2 Row House lots left.

But oh my goodness, it was elbow to elbow in the old town square as people ran in every direction. In the midst of the crowd, Lord British and Lum popped in to greet people and watch the activity. It was actually hard to see him in the crowd. I really wish I could have stayed. It would have been good fun to talk with old and new players and, if I’m honest, watch the madness unfold. You know some funny stuff is going to happen when you have that many people in such a small space.

I’ve already snuck enough time on the laptop just to get my little piece of Braemar back. Tonight I should be able to jump in and grab my pink chiffon hat. I’m not sure it’s my color, but I’ll do my damndest to make it work!


Lord British? Is that you?


I supported Shroud of the Avatar and all I got was this torch!


Good heavens, people already have guild names showing! Guild names were held over from R13, don’t I feel silly.


Haha! SotA developers!!!

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