Well my friends, to say this Grand Tour is a tough one would be a bit of an understatement. Not only are the Tour Guides hard to find, they usually have a nice compliment of death hanging around with them. One of them has several Lich friends he’s having tea with and they get quite cross when you interrupt the party.

Even though I had the starter armor and weapons waiting for me at the bank, it was still a major struggle to defeat even the most basic foe like the Skeleton or Mage. In fact, I died several times getting this ridiculous hat!

For this Grand Tour, you have to visit the following locations:

Wyrmsands, Brightbone Pass, Moors of Northshore, Deep Ravenswood and Grunvald Shardfall.

With all the searching, scouting and dying, it took as few hours to complete. A lot of that was getting hopelessly lost, some of that was taking in the scenery, but it’ll take a few minutes to get this one. I suppose if you know exactly where you’re going it’s only a 30-40 minute romp.

I ended up joining a group of other adventurers to get this rascal done. Seriously, it’s not easy. I would highly suggest partying up with some friends or amking some friends and making a run at it. Don’t be surprised if you dive bomb the Tour Guide just to get the visit recorded and die in the middle of the conversation. We had that happen more than once. Just keep in mind, a group of low level players working together can beat down skeletons, mages and bears pretty easily. Teamwork!

If you do this tour solo, much respect to you. IF you do it as a new player, not wait 2 weeks and then do it! 🙂 The truly devoted (and nutty) do it the first night! In the RAW!

And for those coming in to Braemar, the Banker is located past the Merchant on the left, past the Pub on the right, past the Skills Trainer on the left and at the end of the town center fence on the left.

So, here are a couple of thoughts for the Tour. My directions may be slightly off, but keep this in mind. If there is higher ground in the area, the Tour Guide is mostly like up there. He was found on top of a hill in most locations. If you see a massive rock face, dangerously steep cliff, or winding trail that look impossible to pass through, head right for it!


It can be found to the far southwest of the Hidden Vale

Head South and then East toward Ravenswood. Once there, head North up the beach to Wyntons Folly. It’s right next to it.

Once inside, go Southwest for quite awhile to find the Tour Guide.

He’s way out there in the desert and when you do come across him, he’s surrounded by evil! He has skeletons and mages all over the place. Looks for the higher ground.

Brightbone Pass:

Jump through the Lunar Rift in Owl’s Head

Head to the East and you will be able to pick him up.

Moors of Northshore:

Can be found east of Owl’s Head, along the coast, in the Hidden Vale

Head toward the Red Sash Bandits and keep going to the coast

Head East and he is up on a hill by the big Obsidian Statues

This one was hard to find. He’s once against in high ground. He’s not on the regular path. Keep looking for the large Obsidian statues and he will be up there, surrounded by spiders.

Deep Ravenswood:

Can be found to the Southeast of Owl’s Head, in the Hidden Vale

North from Braemar then off to the East. Go past Valeway South and make your way over to the purple haze in the distance.

Follow the path to the North all the way around. There might be a shorter way, but this is how I went. It’s a LONG walk.

Eventually you will wind around and you’ll end up heading South

Go toward the extremely large rock cliff and head up. This is Northwest.

This Tour Guide is terrible. Look for the sheer rock tower and make your way up. There are skeletons, mage and wolves standing in the way. And to top it off, there are Lich having a tea party and you are not invited!

Grunvald Shardfall:

The Tour Guide doesn’t actually mention how to get to this area, but it’s through the Lunar Rift in Owl’s Head.

Once inside head straight North but watch out for the plants. They spit poison a hefty distance! I ended getting spat on 3 times and was dead in the field. Being killed by a plant is so undignified. But I wasn’t the only one! Be careful!


Wyrmsands out in the desert plains near Wynton’s Folly. Oh look Alley Oop is already in there laying down some suppressive fire.


Holy crap! This bloody thing is going to eat us whole!!!


Oh, cactus!


Hello Tour Guide on the top of the most remote hill in the area, I see you over there.


Seems awfully quiet out here. What are we missing? You’re on top of this high vantage point for a reason. 


Trouble and death lie this way in Deep Ravenswood! Follow the path and then up the hill toward danger. Danger, danger, danger.


The Moors of Northshire. Scout ahead Alley Oop, I’ll be right there. Um, let me just tie my shoe real quick.


The Tour Guide on top of the hill surrounded by spiders. 


First look at the Grunvald Shardfall. What a wild place! In here strange things are known. Watch out for the spitting plants. Hug the rocks on the left side and you should be fine. Go slow!


The new control point in the Brightbone pass. This area is going to be brutal. Going to many levels before I come back to this place.


Look at the garden gnomes someone placed on the lawn!

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