It cannot be said that the devs aren’t listening to feedback. As the great land rush of Thursday saw houses sell out faster than a rock concert, people felt left out, abandoned and indeed, homeless. So many deeds, so little property.

After voicing their distress, the fine folks of the Portalarium team whipped up a few new towns and with the flick of a download switch new towns such as Estercove, Kingswood and Greystone were added to the game with all new Village and Town lots.

The land rush was again on, but at least it gave those who of us who were cursed with having to make a living that day, a chance to get a property. You can get an island plot or something more foresty. They each have a Town Crier/Banker so you can grab your goods and stake that claim.

Who knows if it will be enough as there are a lot of people milling about these days, but give the Portalarium team full credit, they responded to the need for more houses and gave us some nice areas to work with. The main NPC towns like Braemar, Owl’s Head and Kingsport are full, but these player towns are quite nice.

Nicely done team!

The other thing I’ve noticed is that both Kingsport and Owl’s Head have quite a different layout now. The bank in Kingsport is certainly new and different and the tavern has changed quite dramatically as well.

In Owl’s Head, Enmar has relocated, so has Theo the Blacksmith as well as the Merchants. Things feel mostly familiar, but don’t be too surprised to end up a shop and not find the person you were expecting. Keeping people on their toes, I like it!

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