So there it is, the first weekend in Shroud of the Avatar is complete. How did you fair? I was in the thick of the land rush and managed to claim back my old house lot in Braemar. I was literally 5 minutes ahead of the crowd. When I got there, Braemar was still a peaceful forest. I scrambled and fumbled, but finally found my lot and house deed in the Bank and by the time I claimed my spot, the masses were coming through the gate and it was a mad dash.

But not to worry, the devs headed the call of scant real estate and put in several new cities to help give people a chance at home ownership. You have to give them full credit for that.

Apart from the land rush, it was time to start over and build up a new character, not to mention going after the gnome hat in the new Grand Tour, which I’ve completed.

There are MANY changes to the game this time around. We now have our pledge rewards tied to our accounts, which is good and we also have encumbrance, which is not so good. We have houses available right from the start, which is good, but not a penny to our names to decorate them, which is not so good. We have bankers in every town so you can easily claim new items, which is good, but the stock of items a vendor sells is incredibly limited, which is not so good. You get to start over from the beginning so you can shape and mold a new character using skills from one the completed skills trees, which is good, but you come to the realization you can’t kill a wolf on your own, which is not so good.

Yes, it’s a brand new game and after having pretty decent stats from the last time around it was laughable just how weak and clumsy I was getting started. Hell, I’m still weak and clumsy. Oh, and just keep in mind, “falling” has changed and you will indeed die jumping off a rock, falling from the roof of your house, or slipping down a cliff. Due to the very limited number of Health Points you start off with, a stubbed toe can be lethal!

To get things started I looted the bank for my Starter items, which are just above “This is basic rubbish level”. I suppose they’re better than walking around in the raw, but not by much. Even with these items, you quite literally will need a friend to come along and help you kill a wolf.

So, how do you get started and actually make progress if you can’t kill anything? Quests my friend, quests. Almost all of the quests can be completed without the use of weapons. You can get a Ledger, steal some Eggs, deliver a Dagger, get some Healing Herbs and relay some messages between the Red Sash Bandits without swinging a blade or firing a shot. The reward from some of those quests will cause you to jump and entire level so it’s well worth the time.

Some of the others such as The Clink and the Wolfpack Leader, are a bit harder, but once you have a few skills points and some money, you probably have what it takes to kill a wolf. And you can buy some decent armor. The Clink is on my ToDo List. I just need to get up my nerve.

Once I had some points allocated, I went out into the dangerous world to see what sort of damage I could do. Sadly, the damage was done unto me and more than once I found myself face down in the dirt. I was defeated by Kobolds, Mages and Satyr. I used to be able to handle myself on a Dungeon Run, now I can’t even survive going into a mine. Curse you game reset!! At first it was frustrating, then it was laughable. No where to go but up I suppose.

It was at this point I was joined by my SotA Sensei, Alley Oop and together we were able to make some progress. We were able to make a run on the Gem Mines and Blackblade Pass, defeat the Kobolds, Mages and Satyr, take out the Wolfpack Leader, gather some loot and go up a few levels. It was glorious! Slow going, but glorious!

To that end, it was time to buy some decorations which included Crafting Stations and putting the basement in place. Egad, what the hell is this tomb doing under my house? My goodness, that place is dark! Big, but dark!

When all was said and done, I did manage to advance a hearty number of levels and managed to put together a handsome sum of money. I even bought much better armor and was able to afford Repair Kits. Now comes the hard part…

I’ve jumped a few levels, so it’s time to get down to business of defeating monsters. I need to get the skill points organized and see if I can make a character that can stand on his own. Oh, and I plan to switch to Archery. That ought to put my life in danger on many fronts!

I also need to gather resources. I have a lot of space to decorate and vendor resources are extremely limited. No more buying Animal Hides, Wood or Ore, you’ll have to go out and find them. If you see a forest being stripped bare, that’s just me looking to make some tables and chairs.

So, if you’re looking to get started, complete the Quests. There are enough to go around to bump you up several levels. That should give plenty of points to help build your character.

Don’t forget, the game has been shuffled a bit. Not all Merchants are in the same place. Theo the Blacksmith has moved, Lord Enmar has moved, Geoff the Tailor has moved and most of the Kingsport Vendors have shifted places. Just means you’ll have to explore to find the old, familiar faces.

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