Not only did the Devs do a tremendous amount of work to get R14 out the door, they did a heck of a lot of work to support it after the fact.

Housing was limited (sold out) on Thursday, so Friday they added a couple of new towns and pushed out an update. Maybe they were template based, but that is still some impressive work in a short amount of time.

But it didn’t stop there. I saw an update on both Saturday and Sunday. So clearly while we were actively playing and having a good time over the weekend, the Devs at Portalarium were heads down making updates and responding to feedback.

I think we should give the Devs a round of applause for the hard work they put in over the weekend to make the game better. So before anyone jumps into the forums and lets loose with gnashing of teeth and frustration at the game, just remember, we were playing, they were working.

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