So, if you played at all this weekend, I’m sure you ran into the new feature of Encumbrance. Unlike the last release where you could carry anything and everything, you now have a weight limit. Once you go over that limit your stats will be affected. You will move slower and Dexterity will decrease. These are bad enough, but when walking slower, it looks like you did something unsavory in your Leggings and you got something squishy back there.

You can increase the amount you carry by increasing Strength and increasing the Heavy Lifter skill. I like the idea of Encumbrance because like all other aspects of the game, you have to make choices. You can’t walk around with hundreds of Kobold Hammers in your shorts. You have to decide what is important and what you can live without. However, I think the limit needs to be raised a bit. You’re barely able to carry anything whether it be loot or decorations to take home. Getting Crafting Stations was a bit of a chore.

Getting decorations is a laughable exercise. I had to make multiple trips to get my Crafting Stations. There are 10 Stations and buying 4 will significantly put you over the weight limit. Had I been thinking ahead, I would have asked someone to wait in Owl’s Head so I could Zone back and forth to get the job done. When Zone is finally removed, this will be quite a chore.

Also, the Starter Weapons could do with a bump in stats. It’s kind of disappointing that you can only wear your “Founder” items for a couple levels then you need to ditch them because the protection is pretty low. The Founder Plate doesn’t compare with the Augmented Iron you can buy for 1,500 gold. That doesn’t seem quite right. The Cloth and Leather version should be good for the Archer, but I’d like to be able to keep my Founder Plate when using Melee.

Gathering resources is a lot harder now too. Again, you can’t just keep everything you find. You can only carry so many hides at a time or haul so much wood. And don’t expect to carry a bunch of weapons from the enemies you kill. You won’t get rich looting corpses.

This is going to make building a character a little more complicated. Got to keep some of those points back so you can be a Heavy Lifter or you have to spend point on Strength instead of some other more specific skills.

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