Let me state right up front, they can’t all be gems. So with that, let’s get to what happens when you go into the Dungeon Run before you’re fully prepared.

It all started off quite nicely. We progressed through the lower levels without incident. In fact, our group seemed to be well balanced with melee, ranged and healer characters.

But then we hit the wall. At 70mph. Without airbags or seatbelt like we were in a Pinto.

On the higher level where multiple Lich rear their ugly heads we found ourselves outgunned. We were on a roll, but the Lich had their own strategy in mind. They swarmed us from both directions and we couldn’t fend them off like we’ve been able to do in the past.

It was an ugly seen as warrior after warrior fell. No prizes for guessing I was the first to go. The Lich did his usual trick of putting me on a headlock then tossed my useless husk aside as he went after new pray.

I was geared up to be the archer for this run, which worked out very well when dealing with the uneven layout of the lower levels. But once in that open room without protection, things went a little sideways. Oh, we gave it a valiant effort, but since the armor available in-game is pretty trashy right now, we were soon fighting in rags and throwing rocks. Our gear was beaten to a pulp and no amount of useless repair kits would set things straight.

Alas, we had to abandon the effort. Well, I abandoned the effort after a few computer mishaps and losing the ability to connect back to the party. I’m not sure what happened to the rest of the group. They could have been eaten for all I know. I hobbled back to Braemar and threw all my gear into the rubbish. Then, I pouted sternly for a good 5-10 minutes.

My pouting was interrupted by the arrival of Blake Blackstone who was doing some decorating on his village lot across the way. Much to my excitement he was working on the bar of his new property in Greystone. That lifted the mood immensely.

He informed me this was his summer home and his big residence was up in Owl’s Head. We clicked our heels 3 times and he showed off his Castle. Ok, wow, those places are huge! Had Blake not been giving the tour I would have gotten lost.

He already had tons of decorations in place yet the place still looked a little empty. His rooftop meeting hall was pretty spectacular complete with 7 rows of tables and chairs for everyone. Clearly, a forest was stripped bare just for this portion.

I’m still gathering resources to get my own table and chair set and these guys had a meeting hall put together. Nicely done chaps.

So, the morale of the story. The Archer is a fun class to play, but once things go wrong, they really go wrong. I need to get some more levels under my belt and the Devs need to put in some armor that is worth using but doesn’t have +10% Fizzle written on everything.

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