If you’ve loaded the latest Update you’ll notice something quite unfortunate. There has been an economic collapse in New Britannia and as a consequence the gems harvested from the Graff Gem Mines have become almost worthless. With shipments not coming into Kingsport, the proliferation of Kobolds in the mines and vendors unable to get materials to sell, there has been a collapse of the current market.

Not only has the price collapsed for the resale of gems, but the discovery rate has plummeted as well. It was rumored that the Graff Gem Mines could be harvested for wealth and riches if you were willing to take the risk of running into Kobolds and Satyr. It was also told that you could sneak into the lair of the Red Sash Bandits and pinch one or two of the gems they had lying around. They were a rather oblivious lot although the wolves seem to be on guard.

But alas, that has changed.

It looks like rough times ahead for the citizens of Novia. The vendors are running out of items to sell and won’t be getting new supplies anytime soon. Further, making your own items has proved to be quite difficult as resources are in short supply. The cost and usability of hides has dropped off and ore deposits are few and far between.

The long and the short of it is, the latest update killed off the Graff Gem Mines as a way to make money and it seems the availability of resources is pretty low. The ore really isn’t hard to find, but you normally get 1 per node. And the merchants don’t have resources to sell like they used to it. If you hung around you could pick up a few hides and a bit of ore from time to time. Not so anymore.

Although I haven’t tried it, crafting uses up more resources than before. If you didn’t already make a mad dash for the mines, it looks like you might have an uphill climb to get money together for this release.

Going to be slow going for this release.

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