I had set my sights on some resource gathering in Deep Ravenswood, where the hides, trees and dangers are plentiful. There are safer places to forage I know, but sometimes you want the thrill of the hunt as much as the reward. And they don’t call me PeteWi TheDisoriented big game hunter for nothing! Ok, that’s not really what they call me. Those names aren’t something I care to write down.

Anyway, I made my way over to the forest and what should I find? The remains of some terrible criminal act. Right there at the gates was evidence of some sort of double homicide. Or perhaps this was the remains of some murder-suicide pact. I suppose it could be the scene of some sort of bear attack or skeleton ambush. We might even be looking at the after effects of tainted Spidersilk Stout that Flynn has run through a dirty sock.

It might have even been some sort of citizen versus citizen violence I see rage all over the realm. Normally those vagabonds don’t venture this far out, but I suppose with the loss of resources in the gem mines, anything is possible and this may be nothing more than robbery gone bad.

We may never know the answer to what took place here, but it certainly spoiled the mood of shooting bears in the backside without provocation. Sure, the sun may have been shining and the birds may have been calling out in gleeful tones, but that simply diverts from the dangerous life of the Avatar. We may be fighting the forces of the undead for Lord and Lady, but we need to bear in mind that someday, we may end up face down on a dirt path, forgotten by the other members of our party, unseen by guild members and simply a mocking footnote in the history of New Britannia.


Quick! With your last dying breath, tell me! Was this the work of tainted ale from Flynn? I’ve had a lot of that recently and it’s made me feel light headed, do I have anything to worry about?

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