It’s Friday the 13th, so let’s see what’s going on in the Underworld shall we?

Underworld Ascendant is off to a fantastic start wherein they are well over halfway to their goal with 20 days left to go. I’m quite excited to be a backer of this project not only because of the tie-in to the old Ultima series and a new tie-in to the Shroud of the Avatar series, but because this looks to have the makings of a great single player adventure game.

However, this doesn’t sound like a stale or static single player dungeon crawl. It sounds like the game will be ever changing and will indeed react to you explorations and interactions. From the description it sounds like you can spend vast amounts of time in the game and it won’t always be the same old thing. Also, this little snippet from the KS page sounds most intriguing:

Improvisation Engine – Delight in player-authored gameplay taken to a whole new level, with a suite of technologies that empower you to solve challenges with astonishing ingenuity. Be the ‘MacGyver’ of a fantasy world.

Hmm, does this mean we get the ability to add all new content right from the start? That sounds fantastic.

Also, Underworld will almost be the opposite of Shroud of the Avatar. SotA is an instanced MMO full of other players, housing, economy and crafting. Underworld will be single player and focused exclusively on the story. There is no multiplayer (although there might be a co-op function later), no housing, no crafting and certainly no housing. It’s a hack and slash loot fest and that alone sounds excellent.

If you haven’t checked it out already, there is a lot of information on the KS page and the Devs are showcasing a lot of information. Right now they’re introducing the team and laying out where they’re headed with the game. They also have some neat pledge rewards. Clearly, you’re not getting a house or special armor out of the deal, but you can still get some nice stuff like limited edition copies of the game, developer roundtable access, early access to the game and a couple interesting in-game items.

I think this is going to be another exciting game project. I haven’t jumped into their forums yet, but I plan on reading over as much as possible this weekend. Plus, there are tons of videos they’ve already put out which I haven’t watched yet. So, one way or another it’ll be an Ultima based weekend.

So head on over, read over the offerings and at least pledge a few dollars to get this game off the ground.

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