I’ve seen this comment made by a couple of different people, but I’ve haven’t seen the actual explanation. What’s wrong with the graphics in Shroud of the Avatar? I personally think they look pretty damn good!

The buildings look pretty detailed from what I can see. The shades of the night sky are quite impressive. The glare from the sun as it sets on the horizon is an impressive effect. The water has a nice texture and shine to it. The rendering of characters and guards look like renderings of characters and guards, so that’s a good sign. We have some exciting fire effects. There are some fanciful graphics associated with Death Touch and the like. The road terrain is angled and sloped. The bricks and cobbles have a nice level of detail. The dungeons and swamps are dank and nasty just like they should be.

So what’s the problem?

I suppose the grass and scrub could be a little more detailed and maybe they don’t all have to move at the same time. Perhaps the bears could use a little more detail for those that want to see the actual hairs of the beast they slay. But seriously, what is the problem? Why are the graphics being likened to something from the 90s? SotA may not be photorealistic, but should it be?

I think the game looks pretty good and each month it seems to get better. Yes, the Overland map could use more detail, but if you’ve looked at the stills from the work they’re doing, that’s already being put in place. I think the level of detail is quite nice without taxing the hell out of a machine. Now before mockery is made, I have 8 cores at 4Ghz, 32GB of Ram and Nvidia 2GB video. I have all the settings turned on and things look really good to me. Which game are these other people playing? You sure it’s not the broke-ass hardware you’re hobbling along with?

I expect more detail to be added as we move forward, but even if not, I like what I see and I’m a little confused over why there is this call to arms by a section of the populous to fix the graphics.

What am I missing?

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