Now that I’ve got a few levels under my armor plated belt I decided to try out my new skills and thought a trip to Ravensmoor was in order. There is a Lich down there and I figured it would be quite sporting to go down into the catacombs and poke him with a stick.

Seems the joke’s on me. Oh, I made it down into the dungeon with no problem. Had to deal with a few skeletons, but I knocked their bones to dust. You see, it was the Ghost that gave me all the trouble.

If you recall from my previous exploits, I had a devil of a time with the Ghost in the upper level of the Tower of the Shuttered Eye. I made my way up the stairs, introduced the Lich to my sword and figured I should introduce myself to the Ghost at the top. Well, that didn’t go so well. The Ghost flashed me his life drain and after sucking the very essence out of me, I was dead on the floor. After gaining my wits, not to mention my health and focus, I gave it another try. And then another. And another.

I slowly began to realize the Ghost is ridiculously powerful and admitted defeat. It took me a few tries to learn my lesson, but there’s only so many times you can beat me to the ground. I’m not sure how many times that actually is, but it’s less than 20.

Anyway, it’s a new release and I have an all new character put together. I figured with ranged weapons I would be better off. I could stay out of harms way and make with the pokey pokey from the other side of the room.

It was such a great plan in my mind. In reality, it didn’t work worth a damn. It started off well enough with a series of solid hits including Fire, Ice and Obsidian Arrow. I followed that up with a quick round of Death Touch and then moved to put some ground between us. It was at this point the entire plan fell apart. Not that I really had a plan, but if I did, it would have crumbled.

The Ghost got his Death Touch or whatever the heck it was into me and stole points like Morton drinks an ale. All right, that’s fair, I got a solid hit on him so I’m okay with his parry. But I’m light on my feet these days and scrambled down the corridors. Too bad that didn’t stop the Ghost from continuing to pull the life drain trick on me no matter which way I turned or how far I ran away. And believe you me, I was running!

Didn’t make any difference though. I was dead a few seconds later. The Ghost then turned, made a few rude hand gestures and floated away.

Ok. All right. First round goes to you Ghost. I see where I went wrong. Let’s try this again.

Same result.

Ok. I mean it. I know what I did wrong.

But it didn’t change the outcome.

After multiple tries I came to the conclusion that the Ghost is ridiculously overpowered and my barrage of weapons and skills are no match for it.

But then help arrived. Coming to my rescue (yet again), Alley Oop, distracted the vaporous apparition with her blade while I let loose a barrage of arrows. I won’t say I did much to bring about the downfall of said Ghost, but I was at least there when he finally crossed over.

It seems getting rid of Ghosts is a two person job.

With that little problem solved it was down to the lower depths to see if the Lich could be sent on his way.

Knowing the trauma we faced, we bolted past the additional two Ghosts that stood in the way and busted into the Lich room. Our first attempt was not a success. We had the upper hand for awhile, but the skeletons encircled us and my hand to hand combat skills are no good.

Let is be known, I threw several Death Touches before they got the better of me. I may have been using the bow, but I went down swinging!

For our next attempt, we came at him from two different directions. With the skeletons more evenly spread out and distracted we made a solid run of it. Alley Oop made with the chop chop and I made with the poke poke from across the room.

Much to our surprise, we didn’t die. The Lich shook his fist at the heavens then fell to the floor. The skeletons quickly followed and were turned to piles of rubble.

Victory and loot was ours!

And then we ran like hell!

You would think at Level 43, I would have been able to put on a better showing and should in fact be able to defeat the Ghost and the Lich on my own. Perhaps not on the first try, but come on. I know there is balancing to be done, but yikes, those rascals are brutal. I’m just a wee bit concerned that parts of the game can’t be completed by a solo player. That would be quite disappointing. Hopefully we’ll smooth things out as we progress.

But keep this in mind. For now, if you want to beat down a Lich and show it who’s boss, bring a friend, with a sword.

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