Now, this is exciting news! The Necropolis should make it’s way into Release 15. Not only will this be a proving ground for all players to traverse, it’s also (I believe) a major part of the quests you undertake in Ardoris.

It’s been spoken about for several releases, even before the we had the Tower of the Shuttered Eye. Looks like we’ll finally get to go there and meet our fate! If you aren’t familiar, you’ll need the help of the Spirit-Talker so you might want to find that guy. Hint – He’s in Ardoris. 🙂 And he’s bald.

The graphics for this area look great! It’s looks to be a pretty expansive area and wickedly dangerous. Not sure I want to go down there alone. I wonder what the going rate for answers is down there? Perhaps some fruit? Maybe some leather to help take away the chill? I come bearing baskets! Every skeleton could use a basket!

Long spoken of in whispers by the living, Necropolis is the final refuge of the souls of the restless dead. It is there that the Lords of the Undead have long made their home, and there must travel those brave Avatars who seek to unravel the mystery of why the dead make war on the living after many centuries of peaceful coexistence. Those who wish to traverse their dark halls must learn the secret language of the dead. Rumors abound of an underground river, a passage to some far away lands. Enter, Avatar, and have your character measured and learn from those who haunt its halls… but know that the Undead have no need of material wealth, and what they may ask in exchange for answers could be a dear price indeed.



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