I tell you what, this new encumbrance feature is a bit tricky for the would be decorator. Considering all the good swag is all the way up in Owl’s Head, you really have to plan and consider what you’re going to buy and how to get it home. It used to be that you could slink up to the big city, pick up a fountain, grab a hot tub, put some crafting stations in your satchel, stuff your pockets full of hedges, pilfer some mugs and candles from the local shoppe merchants and then head on home for a decorating good time.

Well none of that anymore! I’ve decided I need to sprits up the place so I visited with the Decoration Merchants and made some lovely purchases. I threw caution to the wind and bought decorations with reckless abandon. I gave no concern to cost. Or weight.

By the time I was done, I was several hundreds pounds over the encumbrance limit. So much so, that I was barely able to walk and when I did move, it looked like I had soiled my leggings and needed to be changed. Not to be graphic, but there may have been a trickle going down my leg causing me to walk that way.

So what in the name of Nestor the Necromancer do I do now? I can’t sell the crap back, I’d lose a fortune. I suppose I could call for help and have someone Zone on up to me and share my burden. But no, I made this mistake on my own, I was going to fix it.

I sluggishly zoned back to my house in Braemar and stumbled the couple feet onto my own property wherein I threw all my shit on the lawn. Every damn piece! To heck with you medieval HOA and you immersion loving mother @#$%ers! Just look away! I don’t want to hear one damn comment about my Oracle Head on the lawn!!

Out came the plants, and the tombstones, and the candles, and the chairs, and the tables, and the mugs, and the pitchers, and the cornucopia. And then I had to ask one pivotal question. If I have no satchel or bag or donkey or wagon or other beast of burden, and Reindeer was nowhere to be seen, just where exactly what I storing all this stuff? And those candles were lit!!!

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