If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to jump in and support Underworld Ascendant. It looks like this is going to be a great game full of some amazing technology and great game play. If you haven’t already looked at the Kickstarter site, there are plenty of videos to get a behind the scenes look at what the developers are planning and where they want to take the game. Their vision sounds so exciting and really makes me think of how great the old single player Ultima games were. But the new Underworld will go even further.

Although the details haven’t been completely worked out, Underworld and Shroud of the Avatar will share some ties and they will most likely share some of the same backstory.

The game is so close to being funded, but needs just a little more to make it over the top. There’s two weeks left and this is the slack time. There is usually a big lull in pledges before the final couple of days and the excitement builds again. However, there’s no reason to hold back. There are some great stretch goals to reach and some nice pledge tiers on offer.

I’m already invested in this game as well and can’t wait to see it get developed. Shroud of the Avatar is looking great and is only going to get better, but I have to say, my true love is still the single player adventure so I desperately hope this game succeeds. These guys did so much work to wrestle Ultima out of the hands of EA, we can’t let them down! 🙂


Update: Tracy Hickman has come on board to write a novel for Underworld Ascendant!

We will need the help of our Backers to make this happen. Tracy’s novel is being rolled into our first $750,000 stretch goal. Let’s bring Tracy aboard!

Tracy’s talents as a fantasy author, together with his deep experience with gaming and close collaboration on Shroud of the Avatar, a world connected to ours, make him ideally suited to write the Underworld Ascendant novel. The novel is going to be set several generations before the game takes place, and tell the story of how a band of Dark Elves from the land of the Shroud of the Avatar passed through a magic portal to make an exodus into the Stygian Abyss. It will tell of their trials in this harsh and dangerous underworld, and of how they carved out a place for themselves.

The other exciting news is that both Mac and Linux clients will be supported in the base funding.

So… we have decided to roll Mac and Linux support into the base funding goal.

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