So much wood in my pants I can barely walk straight

We’re a couple of weeks in, you most likely have a house (if you found a plot) and you’ve bulked up a few levels. So now what?

By now you’ve come to realize there isn’t much gold to be earned in this release so you’re going to have to go out into the world and stake your claim. You’ll need to gather hides, wood, copper, iron and reagents. It’s a time consuming task to be sure and you may wonder just where to go. For example, I need to get some decorating going, so I need as much maple and pine wood as I can get. I need tables and chairs! Lots of them!

Obviously gems will come from the Graff Gem Mines, but what about all the other stuff? Where can you find good resources without getting mobbed and mauled? If you’re not looking for XP and want a relatively safe place to gather resources, check out the places below. I’ve done pretty well in these areas. It will still be slow going, but you can fill up with some good stuff. You won’t make any real money off the items listed below but you can make some furniture and stock up on hides. The swords will be worth a few coins and the ectoplasm from the skeletons might keep you fed.

Encumbrance can be a hassle so dump everything you don’t absolutely need before heading out! Keep the sickle and pickaxe though!

Have fun out there! And don’t forget, the main decorations vendors in Owl’s Head sell rugs and plants while the bookseller sells candle and candelabras. Enmar pays for the Ectoplasm, but the Corpse Wax isn’t worth much.

South Valeway:
    Lots of wolves for animal hides
    Some wood
    Small deposits or Iron Ore
    Lots of Spiders for Venom sacks and Spider Silk
Greymark Forest:
    Lots of Maple and Pine wood
    Elf Archers if you need new Elven Bows
    Elf Fighters for Pirate Cutlass, Long Sword and Iron Longsword with Iron Hilt (worth a few bucks)
    Some wolves off to the side for hides, but there are better places
    Some Skeletons for ectoplasm, but there are better places
    Bear for animal hides
    Several Maple and Pine trees
    Some Skeletons for ectoplasm
    Spiders for Spider Silk and Venom Sacks
    A few Nightshade plants
    Copper Ore
    Sulfurous Ash
    Plenty of Skeletons for ectoplasm
    Some bears for animal hides
    Some Maple and Pine trees

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