Today is the day, Release 15 is close at hand and it brings a slew of new content. I was just looking over the Release 15 Instructions and it’s almost overwhelming. There will be new towns, updated graphics, new scenes, a new mine, more spells and skills, gathering skills, updates galore and of course, a new Grand Tour for the Silver Jester Carnival Mask. There is going to be so much to do and see in this release. And further good news, not only do we get to keep our characters (no character wipe) our Pledge and Add On Rewards will get duplicated. This will be a one time deal, but it does mean a resupply of decorations, weapons, armor and the like. Knight Tables all round!!

The only real disappointment is The Necropolis didn’t get finished. I was really looking forward to finally seeing this area and working on the quests contained within. Looks like that will have to wait, but when it’s done, I bet it will be amazing.

The new Shardfall made it in, and it’s another PvP Zone. I’m going to bet money part of the Grand Tour will be in this location (no preying on newbs ya dirty devils!). But then again, considering the huge number of new locations, this Grand Tour could take us anywhere.

Another interesting piece is Harvesting. There will now be skills for Harvesting as well as Gathering Duration and Interruption. I’m sure this means I won’t keep chopping at that tree or picking at that copper deposit while wolves attack and spiders drown me in venom.

The gates will open shortly, so tonight I will set off into the new world. First order of business will be the Grand Tour. Considering we should all be at a decent level, this shouldn’t be too hard. But, that nefarious Chris knows all about that, so perhaps he has countermeasures in place. I’m prepared to go it alone, but hopefully I can find a friend or two to come along. And by this I mean so they can protect me from the evil that lurks out there.

Lots of changes for this release and so much new content. I’m going to have to make a checklist just to keep track of all the new places and make sure I visit them. And here I was thinking I would spend the weekend making some chairs and tables for my house.

Novia awaits! Come, we go!

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