I’m absolutely thrilled that Underworld Ascendant has crossed over the required pledge amount and has a nice buffer to work with! I’m sure I’m not quite as excited as the devs themselves, but it’s pretty exciting! This means, barring some sort of tragic set of circumstances, the game is a Go and those of us wanting a single player Ultima style game will get one.

But the ride isn’t over yet. There are still 5 days left to pledge and the stretch goal of getting an Underworld Ascendant novel written by Tracy Hickman. Now, we saw what happened with Blade of the Avatar. Not only did we get the book in serialized form and not only did it give us some great story for New Britannia, but the original novel is going to be expanded and there will be 2 additional novels in the set. I speak for no one when I say this and this is purely me talking out my @#$, but wouldn’t it be amazing if we were able to fund an Underworld novel that ended up going the same route? It would boggle the mind to get 2 trilogies out of this world and this set of games. No one is saying that it will, could, might or even should happen, but we could at least get one novel out of the deal. With just a little more funding we could get there.

And besides, we need to give that Tracy guy something to work on. I mean look at him. All he does is spend his days at home in his home office, sitting amongst all those papers staring out the window waiting for something to happen. We need to give him some work so he doesn’t get bored!! Smile

So, to that end, I bumped up my pledge just to keep that buffer going. I would love to get on that tier where you get all the Otherside Games released in the next decade, but we have to tone it down a bit. But hey, every little bit helps!

Anyway, this is great news and this is going to be another fantastic project to be a part of! And yes, I plan to get just as lost in the Underworld as I do in Novia. Make no mistake about it!

Probably even more so since I’ll have no one to save me…

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