With my misadventures at the lava flow now behind me, I thought I would spend a little time reflecting on the fun times. Life can’t always be about creepy dungeons, ghosts, angry skeletons, the undead and getting the angry fist of Halmar shaken at you. Sometimes you have to take a moment to pause and reflect on the good things in life. To that end, I decided to visit with some new companions.

I was a bit surprised that I had a servant I hadn’t met yet. He was idly and patiently sitting at home waiting for me to return. I should have warned him not to sneak up on me or just appear out of nowhere. Our first few moments were a dashed awkward as I questioned him at the tip of a flaming arrow and threatened him with Death Touch.

But that’s all behind us and we get along famously now. When I walk through the streets he comes with me to make sure I’m safe. Sometimes he even announces my arrival. I think we need to work on his heralding skills as I’m not entirely convinced “Here comes the Royal Jackass” is the proper title for me. It certainly fits, but I’m not sure it’s the statement I want to make on first meeting new people. Oh well, he’s new, I’m sure he’ll get the hang of things in time.

He’s not my only new buddy though. There is also an Automaton that I can count on as a friend. He doesn’t say much, but that’s okay, sometimes I just want someone there to listen. Someone to hear about the problems and dangers I face without passing judgment or calling into question my decision making paradigm. We’re still working on him fixing drinks and not running into walls, but I think it’s going to work out swell for both of us.

Also, both the servant and the automaton are great at playing catch. Oh my goodness, I start running and they chase me wherever I go. I can jump off rocks, run through the forest, poke bears and they just play right along. It’s so much fun! I need to teach him what the word “decoy” means though.

I not only have a couple new human companions, I have lots of new pets! I was out in the field playing with my two new dogs, a greyhound and a Great Dane. I also have a cute kitty that chases the mice away. Not that I have any mice in my house, I keep a clean place! There is also Lynx! He’s just a big kitty, but when he comes in for a cuddle and licks my face, he licks his lips in a matter I find a touch disturbing. But no matter.

I think we’re going to have a lot of fun on the streets of Braemar. I may even teach the Greyhound and the Great Dane to come hunting with me. I’m sure they’ll be able to pick up the scent of the undead and alert me to danger. They can also run around and bite the bear in the backside when they get to close and try to take me head off. That will give them just the surprise I need to make a clean getaway.

They are my new buddies, but there is only one problem. They don’t want to come into the house. It makes me sad.


Whoa, what the devil goes on here?


Hey, why can’t you stand up straight? How you been drinking out of those special vials I told you never to touch! You drunk bastard!


Egad man, you’re freaking me out with all this leaning. Makes me feel like I’m on the hooch and I haven’t touched anything in hours!


Aw, look at the pretty kitty! No kitty, no biting!


Hello Kitty!


All right my floppy tongued friend, where did I leave the stick? Show Wellington how it’s done!


No Greyhound, you leave the kitty alone. That’s Halmar’s special attack kitty. His love is hurty and you don’t want any part of that.


Come on Auto, let’s go for a midnight swim in eel infested waters! It’ll be great! You are waterproof, right?

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