It took me awhile to figure out how people were making what looked like bar countertops. I had thought it was a super cool crafting item and shook my fists at the heavens when I couldn’t find the damnable recipe. Then, on an ale fueled trip to Owl’s Head, the secret was revealed to me. Well, not revealed exactly, I simply ran into the proper vendor selling them. Some say you shouldn’t stumble into the local bank as it makes people edgy and they’re not as inclined to give you money or sell you goods. Phooey I say to you! That is the best time to go shopping! And so I did.

When I found the vendor selling the Tavern Bar, I jumped for joy. When that sent the room into a terrible tailspin, I stopped. I had finally found where these awesome decorations were coming from and I had to have one. Well, I had to have five to be more precise. But then I realized mistakes had been made. Curse you encumbrance!!

The Tavern Bar is actually quite heavy, and five even more so. I had so overloaded myself that I couldn’t walk. Not that I walked slow or with some strange wobble or lean. No, much worse, I was stuck. I couldn’t even take a step. I pondered my plight and wondered if there was a way to get these home or call for help.

Alas, no one was available and even if I made it home, there was no way I could actually step onto my lawn to drop one. Sadly, I had no choice, but to sell two of them back (for a loss I might add) and take the other three with me.

You may be wondering why I needed five to begin with. Well, that’s a fair question. I needed two for one house, two for the other, and I wanted to keep some in reserve in case I needed to make an emergency bar area. You never know what the future will bring and I believe in being prepared.

Some may say that I should be content with the three I was able to stagger home with, but that’s not the way I do business. I threw the bars I had into the living room and dashed back up to Owl’s Head to get the other two. I was on a mission of spite! Now was the time to act. I had the money and the want to buy things. I wasn’t going to let anything, not even common sense stand in my way!

I grabbed more bars and then jumped back to Braemar. It then dawned on me that these bars might be a touch too big for indoor use. It’s not like I measured the space or anything. And it’s not like I have a whole lot of lawn space at my disposal.

Anyway, since the night of the great bar purchase I’ve been diligently working away to build a bar of my own. It’s actually a bit harder than it may seem since I’ve had to find the wood to make the tables and chairs, I’ve had to get money together to buy the plants and I’ve had to sneak into multiple houses and establishments to get enough mugs, candles and pitchers to complete my work. I assure you, these were all leftover or not in use items. It’s not like I pinched a mug from a table while someone was sitting there. Ok, maybe I did, but it was for a good cause and I don’t need your judgment.

So here they are. After several weeks worth of work I believe they are good enough to use and enjoy. They aren’t the greatest by any means, but are certainly serviceable. And one even has a working privy!


My rooftop bar over in Braemar. I have the bar portion toward the front of the roof (away from the hatch) and the hot tub is right behind me.


All right, so I pop up through this door and the party starts. That will be excellent.


Bit dangerous standing he on the edge, but it looks like this arrangement will work out well. And you really have to work to fall over this edge, so it should be perfectly safe.


The bar area in my other house over in Greystone. The designer has a thing for wood paneling that’s for sure.


Yes, I  made all of these tables and chairs with my own little hands. And I used my own little hands to pilfer every candle, mug and pitcher you see. I still put in the effort, I should get some sort of credit for that.

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