So, as we all know, the merchants of New Britannia don’t have the greatest selection of wares available. Sure, they’re good for a few bits of armor, arrows, fences, hedges and maybe some plants, but when it comes to household items, they seem a bit lacking. They have the tavern bar and some sturdy chairs, but it’s hard to find a chest, a bucket, gothic table or chairs. With that in mind, I turned to the Public Merchants. These are vendors that sell goods from other citizens. This is where you go to pick up some animal hides, wood, copper, cotton, wooden chests and some of the more exciting armor. It sounds good in theory, but what we end up with is a bit shocking.

I had a look at the Vendor in Owl’s Head and was stunned, shocked, frustrated an embarrassed with the pricing people have set. Seems we have some downright scoundrels and blaggards in our midst.

Since when is a stack of Animal Hides worth 40,000 gold? Where does someone get off selling a Dragonbone Throne for 5,000 gold? Why is leather armor worth 8,500? Why is a stolen bolt of fabric listed for 1,000? Really? The key to the Spectral Mines for 1,000?

Ok, let’s sober up for a minute and take a step back. It seems a good many citizens are under the influence of Nightshade or have had one too many ales strained through a dish rag to believe these are realistic prices. Put the Elderberry Bush down and let’s talk about this.

First of all, it’s seem incredibly poor form to take an item that is easily attainable in the game and sell it for outrageous prices. I can understand selling off Epic armor of some sort because you risked life and limb in the sewers and it has multiple pieces scattered about. But a key? A scale? First of all, where does this pie in the sky price from? Second, who has that kind of money? People are barely making enough to keep their armor in good repair and a price tag of 1,000gp gets thrown down for common goods?

To make a Wooden Chest takes 5 wooden boards and a chest mechanism. The mechanism costs 90 gold – a bit expensive I grant you. Wood can be found EVERYWHERE. It’s the big red tree!! Chop down 4 and you’re done! The recipe isn’t intricate. It’s not made from a dozen pieces from half the crafting stations. Why on earth is the price set at 1,000gp and above? Holy Halmar!! Please explain how this price is valid and justified?

No one has that kind of cash and if they did, they’d spend the 20 minutes it takes to gather the wood and make one their damn selves! The Public Merchant sounds like a great way to sell off extra resources  or crafting items to save time for other people. It should be a good way for buys to meet sellers. In reality it’s turned into an utter scam by some unsavory characters.

I can only say that many people are onto these scams as these items don’t seem to be going anywhere and have sat for multiple days. And it’s not the first time these sort of ridiculous listing have come up and they revolve around the same group of wastrels. I advise you to go to each Vendor and make note of these prices and the names associated with them. These are people you should NEVER do business with.

All I need is for one person to buy this rusty sword for a million gold and then I’ll be a millionaire!


You stole the scale from the Owl’s Head Bank and now want 1,000 for it? I applaud the keen eye for upscale goods and unique home decorations, but you sir are bankrupt in more ways than just cash!


Hmm, these Ore prizes seem just a touch high for a person with a brain in their heads.


If someone wants a Dragonbone Throne,  find me in the game, you can either have mine or we’ll go snag one for you. HINT: Spectral Mines behind the curtain next to the Tour Guide!

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