It was Saturday night, I guess that makes it all right

It wasn’t exactly a planned event, but it was time to try out the rooftop bar and see what sort of merriment we could make. With Blake Blackstone at the helm it was time to bust open the hatch and throw down some mugs of ale. And he didn’t come alone. Seems Blake has a little entourage. Or at least some close friends who don’t mind sticking around for some free beer.

Coming up to the roof was of course Blake and Alley Oop, along with Wind Silvermoon, Umuri Maxwell, Xavier Starfall, James Murphy, Malevolent Kitty and Ezekiel Cooper. I have to say, the chair placement was slightly off, but nothing that can’t be fixed when people’s backs are turned. And considering they were paying attention to the ladies dancing on the bar, I was obviously unnoticed.

With that slight problem behind us, we were off to a raucous start! More than once, Halmar came by to warn us of the disturbance we were making and that trouble would ensue should things get out of hand. But I was able to smooth things over with Halmar and made sure he left with a pitcher of ale to keep him company on his rounds. I may have slipped him a gold coin as a contribution to the guards for keeping us all safe.

The hot tub was given a thorough stress test and it came through with flying colors. We lost a bit of water from all of the commotion going on in there, but nothing to worry about I assure you. Good thing no one was out for a stroll at that time. Goodness me, what a surprise they would have gotten!

After keeping the good citizens of Braemar up past their bedtimes, we hopped over to Blake’s more upscale digs where he and Wind Silvermoon engaged in a battle of wits. It was time to play chess, because there’s a great deal of fun to be had in moving life-sized chess pieces around after finishing off multiple mugs of ale.

I have to say, I’m a great admirer of chess and play at a vicious 3rd grade level. I’m perfectly capable of moving the pieces with great precision, but alas, I have no gift for strategy. I would have offered Blake some pointers during the game, but that would only serve to make him lose faster. I believe Wind Silvermoon had the upper hand during this match and it may be possible Blake was using binoculars made out of tequila bottles to look at the board.

It was quite a fabulous chess setup and it’s pretty clear you need some lawn to place for this rascal. I suppose it could be placed in a basement, but that sort of defeats the lawn chess appeal of the board itself.

There are some tricky rules to this chess game and while I’m not calling anyone out, there might have been a couple of less than legal moves played. That may be due to a slight lapse in understanding of the rules, perhaps a stratagem that needed clarification, or a board that simply wouldn’t stand still even though it was tethered securely to the ground.

But it was quite a festive night. It was time to take a break from dealing with all the undead that lie in wait just outside the town walls and have a bit of fun on our own. Fear not good citizens, we’ll be hard at work battling against the forces of evil no time.


That’s right, keep your eyes up front and pay no attention to me adjusting the placement of these chairs and tables. Ladies, you’re doing a fine job!


Oh my, I see this ale I imported is warming people up. I figured a fan would be sufficient, but I suppose removing a layer of clothing is a viable solution.


Yes, well done, successful test of the hot tub. Good show everyone! Is someone at the bottom of the tub by choice?


Right, so the darker pieces jump over the lighter colored pieces, right? And once you get to the other side of the board you yell “bingo”, or “sorry”, or “eat this”? I’m pretty sure I’ve played this game before. Can’t say that I’ve ever won, but I’ve played.


Hey, I’m no expert, but those pieces appear to be leaning at a rather ridiculous angle which I’m sure is having a negative impact on your playing style. And I’m pretty sure that blue guy over there is cheating!

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