image Wow, like I said, it’s a good time to be a fan of RPG’s. Dungeons of Aledorn is another game I came across that involves the old school D&D rules, party building, combat, multiple player classes and exploration. There is even a playable demo you can download so you can take it for a spin. It looks like there will be a lot to explore, plenty of quests and a slew of combat. A bit of something for everyone.

From reading through the details this sounds very similar to the old style Ultima and Bard’s Tale games. There is even this little description which should take a lot of players back:

You may give various assignments to your party members during the camping in the open via a complex (but easy to use) time management schedule. Your characters may, for example, meditate, hunt, cook, repair and tinker, collect plants and mushrooms, brew potions, stand guard, etc. (oh, and sleeping might sometimes be quite a good idea). If you’re not interested in this kind of stuff, you may simply avoid this detailed management by setting a lower difficulty level or using the automatic camping function.

It looks like this Kickstarter just recently got underway and the level of entry is very low, which is really exciting. You can buy a copy of the game for a mere $15. If you want beta access, that’s only $45. If you want signed copies of the physical box and map, there are options for that as well.

Also in the good news category, Dungeons of Aledorn will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux! Another huge win for multiple platform support!

Here’s another fun project to be a part of, and I have the dubious honor of being infamous backer – 666

Now that I think about it, I wonder how many tombstone/grave markers I can get my name written on?

Dungeons of Aledorn – Old School Hardcore RPG


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