I was enjoying a calm evening near the shores of Kingsport when something caught my eye. With all the swordplay that goes on these days, I hardly bat an eye to such goings on, but this struck me as different. First, the sword in question was a flaming one. When it comes to fire, especially when brandished as part of a weapon, it pays to take heed. But it was the fact the sword was floating in mid-air that caused me to have a bad case of the heebie-jeebies. I stared in both amazement and wonder, which is actually not easy to do at the same time. And seeing the sword looming menacingly and hotly so close to me made me wonder if it were friend or foe.

I introduced myself to the sword but got no reply. At first I thought this rude and pondered whether I should make mention of it. But pointing out the faults of a hot blade may not be the best course of action upon first meeting.

I offered to buy the sword an ale so that it might slake it’s scalding thirst and again I got no reply. I decided to try a different approach and inquired if the sword was looking for others of it’s kind. I said I would be happy to make introductions with Harry and perhaps he could find a Halberd or Cutlass that it could be friends with.

It was then that I heard wild snickering and giggling. “Well this is odd,” I thought. “I’ve been laughed at by a lot of things in my time, but never a flaming sword.” I wasn’t sure if I should be offended or glad at the jocularity. But then, out of the thin air appeared Alley Oop who was being quite the trickster and playing on my fear of both things that are on fire and things that are invisible. There was a bad experience of it we shall speak no more.

She was practicing her stealth moves and thought I would make a good test subject.

With an awkward laugh and shrug of the shoulders it was off to Solania to look around the town and take in some of the housing structures. It seems the good people of Solania are a creative lot and have done up their houses in fine fashion. There are even some messages of good tidings spelled out in bread. And as I have learned in my travels, a message spelled out in loaves is a message worth heading.

There is also an interesting arena, a rather impressive banquet hall and a nicely done crafting area. And it’s also been shown you don’t have to put up a grand house in order to make a nice home. If you happen to be in the area for the Grand Tour, or the Public Merchant or the Blacksmith, I say stick around and have a look at the some of the architecture from Sir Danz, Vyrin, Iyono Semarier and Malevolent Kitty.

While there I decided to take a quick run around the walled fortification. I wanted to make sure the city was safe and well protected. Plus the guard told me, in rather crass terms, to stop climbing on the city statues before he had to place his sword in a rather unsavory place.

It felt like I was floating on air and when I checked I discovered the reason. I was floating on air. My powers of levitation had once again kicked in and I didn’t even realize. I really do need to control this better.

As a final exploration of the night, we paid a visit to one of the guard towers back in Kingsport. I thought it would be a good idea to use my powers of levitation to sneak up to the top and get a real good view of the city. In the beginning it worked quite well.

Getting to the top was easy business, I simply used the ladder. Once there, I noticed that Kingsport is surrounded by mountains that don’t appear on the map I’m used to looking at. Strange business indeed, but beside the point. And with that I climbed over the side and used my powers to suspend myself while I had a look around. It was going quite swimmingly and even Alley decided to give it a try.

The problem came when I realized my mug of ale was empty. This caused me a great grievance, which caused me to stop thinking about not crashing into the ground, which resulted in me crashing into the ground.

Mistake made. Problem noted.

I limped back to the bar and said that was enough flaming swords and levitating for one night.


Oh my goodness, this is a bit unexpected. Hello flaming sword of death! We’re going to be friends right?


Well now, service for 60? I wonder why I didn’t get an invitation?


Shaded bar area and fountains to cool my feet? Lovely!


A poignant message spell out in foodstuffs? I better take heed.


What do we have here? Is this an arena with a bar? When does the even start? Yaks meat? Hot wine?


You know, sometimes a tent, a fountain, some plants, a few rugs and a Dragonbone chair are all you need in this world. Ooh, I wonder if a gypsy lives in this tent? Gypsies love tents.


Oh my goodness, these powers can be tricky to take control of sometimes!


Ah, the view is lovely from here. The air is crisp, the sun is bright, the birds give off the most delightful sound. WTF?! Is this mug empty???

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