Ah yes, so the big event is at hand. It’s off to visit to new lands and face new dangers in order to retrieve that special hat/mask to add to the collection. To be honest the Dark Lepus Mask is a little bit creepy if you ask me. There is something a dash demonic about putting on the face of a rabbit and sneaking about town. But, it’s another hat in the set, so I feel compelled to go out there and get one.

For the Grand Tour in Release 16 you’ll need to visit Soltown, the Spectral Mines, the Solace Forest, the Ardoris Town Square and the Necropolis. Should be easy right? I mean what could possibly go wrong with visiting a mechanical tour guide wearing a bunny mask in the middle of the city of the dead? Walk in paradise I say!

Soltown is a nice quiet town that can be found between Solace Bridge and Ardoris in Novia.

This is where you will end up if you start the game new and the town is a replica of Braemar. The Tour Guide is in the town square.

If you’ve already been in the game, head to Ardoris and then head East away from the city and follow the path toward the coast.SotA_03-28-15_0-54_3

Head East and Soltown is right next to the coast.


This looks just like Braemar, only the names have changed. And of course my house isn’t here. And someone is sitting on my seat in the pub. Other than that, it’s exactly the same.

Spectral Mines
The Spectral Mines are an ancient mining complex; rumor has it it has been taken over by a dangerous cult! It can be found north of Solania, past the lake You may to look for a while to find the correct path… We haven’t heard from the tour guide since last month, he may have been taken deeper into the caves!

We’ve been here before so you should know the way, but here is a recap of the directions. Once again, this is using Ardoris as the starting point. But at least travel on this part of the map has been vastly improved and is much quicker this time.

Head East and follow the path.
Head North to Solace Bridge.
Keep following the path and take the left over the river and follow the path
The Spectral Mines are quite a way up the path. You area heading deep into the map.

If you have the key, you can open the door and make your way from there. If not, down through the hole in the floor you go. The previous tour guide was right around the corner. The new tour guide is a little further in. In fact, he’s back in the room with the Lich.

Once inside go over the bridge and then through the door on the left.
Then go down the hall and he’s in the right hand room.SotA_03-28-15_0-45_1

Cross over Solace Bridge and then over this path across the river. Keep following the path up to the mines.


You will have to contend with a Lich, Skeletons and Cultists to get to the point. But once you get this far it’s easy going. As you notice, I brought a friend to keep evil at bay while I converse with this mechanical chap.

Solace Forest
The Solace Forest is the heavily wooden area west of Solace Bridge, north of Ardoris

Head North from Soltown
Cross Solace Bridge and then take the left over the river
Then head up the path to the right. Yes you are going the same way as you would if you were heading to the Spectral Mines.

Once inside, follow the road to the left
Keep following the path and there will be an opening between the rocks
Take the right and head up the hill to the ruinsSotA_03-28-15_0-45_1

We’ve been here a couple of times. You cross over this little bridge to get to the Solace Forest and the Spectral Mines. The forest is just past the first curve in the road you can see here.


Once inside, take the left and follow it a short way. Keep a look out to the right for two large rocks that you can walk between. This is a very similar path as the one you took for Release 13.

Slip between the rocks and head up the hill. Watch out for the usual skeletons and mages that will try to block your path.

Ardoris Town Square:
Ardoris is the jewel of the Perennial Coast. You can get there from the boats out of Kingsport, or along the southern coast of Novia. The tour guide will be underneath the statue of Sequanna.

Use the boat in Kingsport and head to the center of town.
Head NorthEast to the town square through the market.
If you come from Novia, head SouthWest past the Oracle and Crafting Pavilion


This is the hub of Ardoris. Many people should have been here by now, but if not, head NE or SW depending on how you came in. See above.

Necropolis can be found west of Ardoris, along the coast in the hills. Be careful, it is quite dangerous!

Head West and follow the paths. It’s quite a way out there so keep walking.
You’re heading toward Restless Woods and then East to the Necropolis Barrens

Once inside take a quick right through what looks like an archway. This is not a gate, but a way to pass through the rocks to get to the Necropolis.

There are plenty of skeletons along the way that will pop back up after you kill them so be ready for battle. The Tour Guide is just off to the side over in the cemetery. Well, the whole thing is a cemetery, so over to the right.


This is the entrance to the Necropolis. Don’t be fooled by that skull that seems to be carved into the mountain. You won’t get anywhere following that path.


Once inside, take the first right through the rocks. This isn’t a gate to take you out of the scene as I first thought. This is a shortcut, so follow the winding path.


You will come out and see the Necropolis waiting for you. As usual, skeletons and other beasties will be waiting for you. And yes, since this is the city of the undead, they will come back to life a couple of times before you can finally finish them off.

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