Ever since it was mentioned by some of the characters in Ardoris several releases back, I’ve been anxious to get in and have a look at the Necropolis. Well, the time has finally come and although I feel quite hesitant about going into the very city of the dead, it must be done. I don’t expect this to be a complete quest so I’m sure there is plenty missing, but I want to get a sense of what’s in store. So with that, I made my way over to Ardoris and spoke to Samael to ask if he would be my guide. He agreed, so I made my way over.

It’s quite an ominous place and sort of gives me creeps to walk amongst the headstones. But in we went to see what dangers lay ahead and to offer help if such a thing can be done.

It is a massive area with lots of lost souls, many of which aren’t sure they have crossed over to the other side. A few are bitter over their change in fortune. Not sure if there is anything to be done to help, but we must walk through the city of death as best we can.

It is indeed a strange and wondrous place with all sorts of unusual plants that look quite lovely yet deadly. I’m not sure if I want to try and eat one or if I should be afraid they’re going to come out and eat me. I once read a story about a girl named Alice that seemed to end up in a place like that. Can’t quite remember all the details. I vaguely recall something about a cat and maybe some tea.

Oddly, there was quite a bit of battle going on as skeletons and elementals came out to make me one of their own. Well that’s not very nice. I’m just down here to try and help and you want to stir up trouble and make the ground shake and throw off my aim. The Earth Elementals are a bit on the nasty side in this part of town.

And then there was my talk with Nyx, Undead Lord of the Necropolis. Turns out Nyx is the Mother of Sorrows, but she still has that same sort of look that made me wonder if she was going to swoop down and eat my head. While she didn’t offer much information, she did say the living were a plague and were getting in the way of her having a good time. Well, that doesn’t bode well now does it? I also noticed that all the doors were locked so there was only one way back out. Or at least I hoped there was a way out. Samael seems to be able to come and go so I hope that means I can to.

There is a rather run down bridge you have to cross as you work your way along the path. I’m not sure who out of the undead servants is maintaining this bridge, but I think they’re falling a wee bit behind in their work. I mean it’s not like you have much else to do down here.

The correct route out was eventually found, but a slight miscalculation was made on my part and I took a bit of a tumble down what appeared to be an old mine shaft. I was in fear of becoming a permanent member of this Necropolis. Of course, Alley Oop was once again there to offer sage advice, “go slowly and slip down from one level to the next.” Ah yes, good advice. Would have been better 5 minutes sooner, before I jumped into the shaft, but wise words indeed.

After the effects of the severe head trauma wore off, I was able to make my way to the exit and left the Necropolis. I’m not sure if I actually learned anything while down there. Well, it does seem there is a deficit of new souls coming to the Necropolis, which I’m sure has something to do with Nestor and his mad dealings. And there was mention of another name who looks to be up to a bit of mischief. I’ll have to keep note of these events and see where they lead me.




Oh dear, place looks a wee bit ominous don’t you think?


You know if you cleaned up a bit and perhaps watered some of these trees this place wouldn’t be so bad. I’m not saying I want to build a summer home here, but the trees are actually quite lovely.


Egad, who are these scary looking fellows and do they plan to eat my head? If you mess up my hat there will be hell to pay!


Man, what is up with these freaky plants?


I don’t know what these plants are, but I feel strangely attracted to them.


Oh good heavens!!! Normally when something like you comes at me, I light up some arrows and take aim. Don’t make any crazy or sudden moves you tricky devil.


Well, now that Alley has tested the structural integrity of this bridge and safely made it across, I will give it a go myself. You know I would have taken the lead, but as they say, ladies first.


Oh, I hate these damn spider sacks. Creepy damn things.

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