As I delve deeper into the game mechanics and become adept at more than just jumping off the roof, I’ve come to the realization I need a homestead to call my own. And more than just some random plot of land where I have to rush and elbow my way through hordes of new citizens. Nay, I need a place to call my own. A place where I can build, and craft, ply the skills of my trade and stack whatever the hell I want on my lawn and no one can stop me. To that end I’ve made a bold decision.

It’s been tempting me for a long time. I’ve mulled the idea over and over. Now finally (before the price goes up), I’ve decided to move ahead with not simply land ownership, but town ownership. To that end, I have purchased my own Holdfast. In the beginning, I had my eye on a Village, but that seems just a bit excessive for my needs and we all known I’m a man of moderation.

This is all new to me (and everyone else), but I believe I will model my little part of Novia after Braemar, a village I have grown quite fond of over these past few months. I quite enjoy the wooded landscape, the small merchant outpost and meager pub. You can’t ask for much more. I also have leanings toward Kingsport, a seafaring town with the brisk breeze off the ocean, a small market and some ocean front property. The final design is still up in the air.

Since it’s a small town, the housing will be quite limited. I plan to have a couple of Town lots which will take a fair amount of the space, with the rest being Village lots and perhaps a small place for Row Housing. It should be a tight knit little community with me as it’s dictatorial overlord.

So what is the focus of this little Player Owned Town? How will my citizens be forced to labor? Well, to be honest, nothing. It is not a Guild run town, nor is it focused on Crafting. It’s certainly not focused on PvP. At this point, it’s simply a Holdfast. I’m neither dedicated nor diligent enough to organize such group activities. When all is said and done, I’m sure a few like minds will gather to quest, create and distribute. If not, well, they’ll face the consequences won’t they?

And if a few want to brawl in the streets or build an arena and light up the night with flaming arrows, I will be sure to place a few bets. No dog, reindeer or turkey fighting allowed though! Cat fights may be permitted if we can get a proper mud soaked venue. Will have to ask if that’s in the design specs.

Besides the actual layout of the town, which will be solved in time, I need to come up with a name. I see there are many Scottish inspired names along the cost of Novia which is quite neat and I see lots of excellent town names listed in the forums (when I bother to look in there) and I need to come up with something worthy.

I may not have a name yet, but I do know there will be some tasteful decorations, some basement crafting centers, some hot tubs, some rooftop and basement bars and some areas of ill repute. And Oracle Heads on the lawn you immersion loving mother …

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