Many things have been written about the End Times. Some say it will come in a cataclysm of fire and brimstone. Others say we will be plunged into a frozen wasteland. It is has even been said all will go dark as we slip into oblivion. Who knows how 4we will all go out, but I do know the end is nigh so there is only one thing to do in such circumstance – head for the pub, find a good seat and wait for the ball (or meteor, or fireball or darkness) to drop!

And so it went! It was the End of the World Party over in Kingsport and I got an invite from Blake Blackstone to come have a seat and an ale and wait for it all to go down. It was a sprawling crowd too! So I took a seat and watched all the revelry. It also gave me time to ponder. What have I been able to accomplish? What have I made of myself? How have I helped or served others?

When I realized the answer to all these questions was – “bugger all” – I finished off my ale, got a refill, climbed up on the hedge and started to dance. It’s how you cope with life’s little problems that’s important.

I hope this has nothing to do with all that climbing on the Oracle I did not too long ago. I figured there could be some repercussions, but this seems a bit severe.

We had a good run for the most part. Those housing projects turned out quite nicely – I’ll be sad to see my bar blown to smithereens. Well, I won’t actually see it blown to smithereens, it will sort of just happen in the blink of an eye or something like that. But if there is an Afterlife, what will I do? I guess I’ll have to make something of myself and of course get that Wizard’s Hat back, it’s one of my favorites, even if it is sort of cursed.

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