The Necropolis isn’t the only city of the dead in New Britannia. Oh, it gets all the attention and tourism money, but it’s not the only out there. While out touring some of the lesser known parts of the realm, Alley took me over to Ashhaven, which has an abundance of fine cemeteries and memorial gardens. And why would you want to visit such a place I hear you ask? Well, why not? Just because it’s a cemetery doesn’t mean it can’t be decorated nicely and look prim and proper.

We headed into the modest village and strode along the dirt path until we found the correct location, or rather locations. There are multiple plots out there all tastefully decorated with headstones, fountains, pavers, gates and fences. There is even a rustic chapel off to the side where you can partake of quiet meditation and reflection. Hopefully, it doesn’t turn out to be like the chapel in Owl’s Head where everything seems normal and calm until you sneak down into the basement and stand amidst all the horrors. I still have to sleep with Reindeer watching sentry because of that terrible scene.

Everything was quite lovely until we came across a bit of grizzly business which made me wonder if this town had it’s own dark problems. It became clear why there are so many gravesites out there. In one spot were set up 3 guillotines and judging by the number of skulls laying on the ground, it appears they’re doing a brisk trade.

With the sun starting to go down, this did not seem like a place to linger. We made our exit and found ourselves in a yard maze. I had hesitation. In the story books this is how they capture their victims. It’s seems like a nice, pretty maze. We can follow it and see where it leads. Before you know it, you’re hopelessly stuck and something creeps out of the shadows to throw a bag over your head and lead you away to a terrible fate. I would say a fate worse than death, but the death is bad enough in my opinion.

It’s a lovely place to visit, but I’m not staying after dark. I don’t care if there is candy and apples at the end of the maze! I’m not falling for that trick again!


Quite a lovely memorial garden you have going here.


Oh dear, quite a few more residents than makes me comfortable I admit.



This is quite nice too. 



Ah, a tastefully and quiet chapel, what could be better? Hopefully it doesn’t contain a basement of horrors like that last chapel I went to!


Well goodness, certainly a lot of gravesites out here. Makes me a bit nervous.


Oh, a festive maze!


Oh lovely, a handsome fire, some comfy chairs and the lovely sound of the running water.


Oh dear! What the devil do we have here? I’m starting to get a bad feeling about this place. I suppose it saves time doing it this way, but gadzooks!


Alley! What are you doing?! That is a terrible place to take a rest to look at the stars!


Oh gypsy tent! I’ve been looking for one of these! Now, where might the gypsy be?

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